Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse


I had to look it up: that’s… Chris Pine, singing his ass off. My opinion of him just went up.


False! I’ve personally seen it!


Heard good things about it and its even on some 2018 best movie lists.

They could do a sequel with new villain/other spideys.


God this was so so good.

Favorite parts:

  1. Stan Lee cameo and tribute at the end was so perfect it brought tears to my eyes.
  2. Villain motivation actually made sense
  3. Prowler was so cool, loved his music.

How cool would this be as a basis for a game. Something where you switch out the characters for their different abilities…


An excellent movie overall, one of the best superhero films in recent memory. A few false notes here and there, but not enough to mar the overall effect. Whoever was responsible for overall art direction (couldn’t tell from the credits) deserves an Oscar.


Knew nothing about going in, in fact I thought it was some sort of short film collection of different Spider-Man incarnations. Holy crap, this was insanely good. Wife absolutely loved it. Will see again in 3D soon I think. Wow.

Also, we had the God Bible Religion trailers and the talking dog finds her way home one also. What an awful mix for this film.


Looks like this just took home Best Animated Picture for 2018 from the Golden Globes.


I cajoled my wife and late-teen daughter into seeing this with me over the weekend.

I think we all came out of it agreeing that it was wildly inventive and did some incredible visual and narrative things. We all loved the comic-book thought balloons and narrative boxes, the different animation styles and the mixing of them all into one wonderful concoction.

But we differed in reaction to the three “lesser” spider-persons (Spider-Nam Noir, Peni Parker and Spider-Ham). I thought they were kind of silly but were necessary to the plot by demonstrating how radically the various dimensions could be; my daughter thought they were stupid but was able to ignore them because the plot only really used them as comic relief; my wife actively loathed them and thought that they brought the whole story down just though their presence.


See, this is why the Spiderverse will never be as engaging a drama as Twilight.


Spider-Ham really struggles without Punfisher to play off of.


I was a little confused about the alternate Spideys, were they all already part of the Marvel universe and just kind of plucked out of obscurity? I remember seeing Spiderham a long time ago, and I’ve heard of Spider Gwen, but I don’t know anything about black and white Spidey or the girl with the Spiderbot.


Yes, they’re all pre-existing Spider-man characters from various corners of the multiverse.


There are a lot of Spidermen, which is kind of part of the joke.


Poor Uncle Bhim…


And the various Spideys have varying powers? Like Miles turning invisible and being able to shock people?


Generally yeah, though they tend to share many attributes as well such as strength and speed.


Yeah I liked how their shared Spidey sense was kind of how they recognized each other.


I thought anime spider was hilarious eating bubble-gum and candy during the action.


Anime girl confused me the most - so she carries around her radioactive spider but wasn’t bitten? I ask because she doesn’t seem to have powers, mainly just the robot. And then the robot “dies” and I guess that’s sad, but she couldn’t repair it or make a new one? I was pretty lost with her.


From the script that Sony put online (for your consideration, Oscar voters!) at https://t.co/CO2EQCKdD3


This was really good. It’s the first move the five-year-old was able to sit through without getting up and walking around.

Pretty sure I was also the only IT guy in the audience because when they showed the Head Scientist’s desktop I lost it.

Also another good one at, “We don’t need the monitor.”