Spiderman 2 = Superman II

I’ve seen the Spiderman 2 trailer about half a dozen times already, and the thing that keeps striking me is that, seriously, I’ve already seen this movie. It was called Superman II.

Let’s see: superhero wants to have normal life with normal girlfriend. Gives up superhero gig. But bad guys are bored, and want to have a real challenge, so they hunt down people superhero was close to and threaten them. Now superhero must redon costume and live life of “duty as heavy as a mountain, death as light as a feather.” The end.

The only differences is that Spiderman 2 will have better special effects (due to being made 24 years later), but Superman II had Terrance Stamp in shiny leather uttering classic lines like, “Kneel, son of Jor’el, kneel before Zod!”

One important difference, Superman actually gave up his powers in that movie! I think Spiderman just goes on sabbatical.

Plus, Spiderman 2 doesn’t look lame!

Also, I don’t think the badguys are just bored in Superman 2.

The first 2 Supermans were great.

When playing games, me and my buddies refer to 3-on-1 smackdowns as “the Superman II problem.”

  • Alan

Anyone who’s followed the Spider-Man stories has already seen that basic plotline before …

… in 1967.

Does this scene look familiar from the trailer?

That story very much plays into the core “with great power comes great responsibility” challenge that the character of Peter Parker has faced during his early years, so I can see why Sam Raimi would choose to incorporate it into his second movie.

Yeah, Superman II stole the plotline from Spider-Man (where it’s happened more than once, Spidey is always bitching about being a superhero), now Spidey is stealing it back!

It’s an ongoing theme in the books, as others have pointed out. Peter is always grappling with his powers and what to do with them. It’s the original version of this story as far as I’m concerned and if any character can have this kind of inner angst, it’s Peter Parker as Spider-Man. It’s what makes him who he is.

The previews look great. Doc Ock looks to be nearly perfectly created and even portrayed for the most part. I’m anxious to see it!


Spider Man was the last movie I saw more than once in the theater. So yeah, I’m excited.

Both Spider-man movies have been adaptations of classic Spidey stories that are over 30 years old, pre-dating Superman 2.

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like the latest trailer gives away way too much.

Not that it’ll keep me some seeing it, but I can’t imagine there will be many surprises left.

Who goes to a Spider-Man flick expecting surprise? Between the comics, the numerous animated series and even the two live action series (one japanese), you’ve probably been exposed to most of these plotlines before.

Personally, I’m waiting for the Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends movie.

I’m waiting for the Aquaman: Ground Assault movie. (http://www.caseytime.com/index.cgi/2004/05/30#daredevil)

Eh… I tend to agree that too many trailers give away too much. I thought the Riddick one does a good job of showing you what the movie’s about without really detailing a story through the images. Spider-Man 2’s previews like so many others are just too much.

Maybe that’s why I liked Harry Potter so much. It was filled with surprises because I hadn’t read the books!


I was a little disappointed that the trailer gave away that Doc Ock didn’t know Peter Parker was Spidey, but was attacking MJ to get to Spidey, delivering the message through his “friend” Parker. When I first saw the car through the plate glass window scene I thought “Oh shit, Pete’s proper fucked now, Doc Ock has got him sussed!” But alas, no. :(

I haven’t really been to many movies this year, so seeing the full blown trailer(and not the teasers from 2003) before Harry Potter this weekend blew my freaking mind.

I’m not a serious spidey fan, but this film could really make me a believer! Phenomenal and well crafted trailer! it may spoil a lot of subtle details, but I want to see this flick moreso now than ever before.

It’s been awhile, but in the books, Doc Ock figures it out IIRC. He even uses May against Peter at one point. Shows up at the house just to chat and everything…

I’m pretty damn excited to see it and there were some things I didn’t like about the first one, the Goblin costume and the way they “created” the Goblin chief among them. In the books, IIRC, Norman was just plain schizo. That seems rectified with way more believable Doc Ock arms so I’m definitely there as soon as I can find time to go.


I don’t think Ock had figured it out. He was “dating” Aunt May (trying to gain control of a nuclea plant May had inherited?), and Peter knew he was a bad guy but couldn’t do anything but be uncomfortable about it without giving away more.

Not only did Doc Ock show up to chat at Aunt Mays- but actually gets her to move in with him…well, look after his place while he is in jail. you know, he’s a nice man, a man of science not of violence…

Spiderman 130 ish.-right before the death of Gwen and the death of Green Goblin.

Derek-I noticed that shot- have it on my office wall. Instant wall art- classic comic panels and a scanner- add frame. Also have the cover of FF#51, The dark pheonix, the ‘death’ of superman- last panel with Lois holding him,a page from Dark Knight and Hulk 181. Had to be a Wolvie in there somewhere…

Geek mode off.

Spiderman 1 was fun, but I think the X movies hold up better in multiple viewings IMHO.

I’m looking forward to it, but not nearly as much as I was the first one. No idea why, but it just dosn’t seem to be ticking my fancy in the same way. I expect it’ll be a blast though.