Not me HONEST but a mate YES THATS RIGHT A MATE downloaded the whole spiderman movie via edonkey the other day (www.edonkey2000.com) Madness indeed, will this eventually hurt the film industry the way file-sharing will surely give the music industry a boot to the testicles any year now?

Not that Id mind if the music industry no longer had the cash to fabricate bands and actual musicians were in the charts, but i cant see any positives for the film industry. Though i guess they could make cutbacks in wages and go back to using claymation for the next star wars film. Digital my ass, waaay too much going on there in the background of every scene george !

ANy movie worth paying to see will have people lined up at the box office.

I’ve seen boot-legged SW EP2 and Scorpion King downloaded from the net. They were dark, bad-res, washed out colors, and the sound sucks. All that with a computer sound system on a 17" monitor didn’t help any.

Not only that, they took hours to d/l on broadband and the quality still sucked.

Unless you can get DVD-quality movies relatively quick off the internet to play on your home theater system, I don’t think the movie industry has much to worry about…yet.

I had a copy of Episode 2 almost a week before it was released in the theaters. Spider-Man was available at least a day before it was released in theaters. That kind of thing is frustrating to movie makers. Additionally, as more and more movies are being released digitally to the press (on DVDs), the quality of the rips on the 'net is improving. Wasn’t it elsewhere on this board I just read about someone downloading a DVD rip of a press release version for LotR? Bad quality or not, this certainly can’t be good for the industry. I don’t make a habit of downloading movies, I pretty much just got the Episode II movie early for the novelty of it.

In the interest of maintaining my recently adopted ‘Fuck Star Wars’ policy, I have a rip of Episode II on my hard drive, courtesy of someone from this board, and I’m not even going to watch it!

Take that, Lucas.


I remember someone at Daily Radar talking about Boba Fett. “He got hit by a blind guy with a stick and died!”

Was that you Tom? You did do some stuff for them from time to time, right?

Whoever it was, I loved it.

I didn’t write that (Tom may’ve, but it doesn’t sound like him) but I did once write, at Daily Radar, that Boba Fett died in what amounted to an elaborate burp joke.

That got me some mail it did!

I had quite the love-hate relationship with Daily Radar. Over all I miss it though. If nothing else, it was entertaining.

Same here. Whenever it was up I would bash it constantly. Then I remember feeling sad when it went down. Guess we’re all irrational at some point in our lives, heh. I think the problem was that a lot of their content just seemed like filler.

The problem is that there just isn’t enough interesting stuff to write about the games industry to justify daily updates.

The pressure to publish daily content results in far too much filler and drek.

hence no updates on the QT3 main page?

I don’t know if Tom wrote the Boba Fett thing, but he did do movie reviews for DR, and some suspect he may have had a hand in the Porn Purveyor column.

Yes, a Shoot Club where someone accidentally puts a porn DVD in the PS2 or X-Box could be quite interesting.

he did do movie reviews for DR, and some suspect he may have had a hand in the Porn Purveyor column.

Egad, no. Aside from somehow getting on the press list for Vivid Video mailings for about a month in 1999, I’ve never had anything to do with porn. Well, writing about porn, at any rate.

And I’ve never written anything that wasn’t published with my name on it. I don’t personally approve of ghost writing and I’ve never felt the need to use a wacky mystery pseudonym (except for pre-1995 Usenet posts).


They had computers back then?

I hear the original Usenet was just a cork board in the mens bathroom of a gay bar called “Sticky Wickett” located in San Fran back in the early-mid ninties.

Yes, a Shoot Club where someone accidentally puts a porn DVD in the PS2 or X-Box could be quite interesting.

Perish the thought! Bunch of geeks sitting around with their puds in their hands is not entertaining.

This is the closest Shoot Club has gotten to porno.

Although one guy who we thought was gay once brought over a Maxim magazine as a show of his heterosexuality. I think pretty much everyone took a turn idly flipping through it as if he was bored and had nothing better to do but look at cleavage.



I’ve actually had a lot of people tell me they miss Daily Radar. I think people enjoy disagreeing as much as agreeing, and we certainly gave them a lot to disagree with! Of course, maybe it was just people not speaking ill of the dead, or just being polite because I have a hair-trigger temper. Either way, I’ll take it.

FYI - Tom did not write that bit about Boba Fett getting beating by a blind man. That was written by Greg Orlando, who was also the Porn Purveyor most of the time. He’s now the managing editor of Xbox Nation in case anyone was curious.

If nothing else, I got a sense of completenesss from Daily Radar that I don’t feel much these days. I used to be able to go to one site and get pretty much all the news. These days I feel like I’m scrounging for information a lot of the time. Of course, at the same time it was a lot of content to wade through on a daily basis.