Spike Jonze's Where the Wild Things Are

Couldn’t find an existing thread, which surprised me.

Some new pictures out, pretty damn beautiful.

This one is my favorite:

Damn, that does look awesome.

The creatures certainly look right.

Seems like they’ve been making this movie roughly…forever? Is it ever going to be released?

I’m really glad they went with suits and not CGI creatures.

I expect there is a blend of CGI with suits - but I’ve only seen posters, no actual video. But, yeah, I’m glad there’s at least a suit base.

Benny, Spike was originally set to film with Universal, but apparently they wanted him to make it really tame and sanitized. Filming, with Warner Brothers, only actually began in 2006, in spite of having released a teaser long before.

This book really freaked me out as a kid. The eyes and creepy grins on everything…

One of my favorite books as a kid… I’ve seen some stills from the production, and it does look like it’s mostly suits. Looks great, in any event. As far as I know Warner is positioning this as their big kids’ movie for the holidays… hope that doesn’t mean it’s all cutesy… The story had its creepiness.

Funny this thread came up, I just learned about this movie yesterday! I’m excited. In fact, I was about to put this t-shirt on this morning…

…but it’s too cold outside today.

That’s exactly what Jonze had been fighting for, so I suspect it will.

Yes, this fall. There were issues. Kaufman was the writer originally, but apparently that resulted in something too cerebral for the suits (who would have guessed?!), so there was rewriting and then reshooting.

And apparently the monsters are in foam suits with CGI faces (or at least CGI animated faces).

I like Kaufman well enough, but I think I’m glad they’re not making his Wild Things. Though I’d certainly like to read his script …

well the suits look damned good. Amazingly good, in fact.

I like this story quite a bit, but wonder how you make a movie out of something so short?

I don’t know, but I sure trust Spike Jonze a fuck of a lot more than Mike Myers (who should be castrated and dragged over broken glass for what he did to Cat in the Hat, another short and classic children’s story).

Not true at all; Kaufman was never attached to this film. Maybe you are thinking of Dave Eggers, who did co-write the film. There was a battle between Jonze and the studio last year over the film, but Jonze ultimately won out. What is coming out this fall is his vision, not some studio hackjob.

There are going to be two essential issues for me in this: one - the movie will contain an actual live child. From the trailer I expect him to be rather annoying. Number two - being that it is a children’s movie, it will also guarantee the theater will be full of actual live children.

Go to a 10 o’clock showing

You saw the trailer? How? And that is the point.

It’s a “children’s movie” in the same way that Coraline is; test screenings had children crying and running out.

it wasn’t an offiicial trailer, it was some leaked footage, i believe. good stuff, though.

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