Spintires update ruins the Quarter to Three review

Title Spintires update ruins the Quarter to Three review
Author Tom Chick
Posted in News
When October 28, 2015

In my review of Spintires, the game of survival horror in which mud tries to kill various real-world driverless Soviet trucks, I wrote the following: You as a driver, as a person, as a foot on a gas pedal and a pair of hands, dont exist..

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Maybe worth mentioning that it's part of the current Humble Bundle, can be bought at the $9 level. Got me to put my money down, at least.

Adding an optional "Duel" mode in which the driver model is always covered in shadows/reflection or that doesn't let you turn and raise the camera past a certain point would probably be asking too much of them, when they haven't even added nitroglycerine as a possible kind of freight yet, wouldn't it?

B-66, D-537, B-52's, whatever. Let me drive a Plymouth Valiant!

Yeah! Let's get some American muscle down into that Soviet mud! USA! USA! USA!

I drove a Plymouth Valiant to high school!

A 1971 Valiant was my first car in high school as well. I still have it :3