Spire of Sorcery - From Russia with Love


Still don’t understand what the basic structure/format of the game is supposed to be.


I suspect it’s going to have a real-time simulated world top layer with pause and an underlying strategic layer where no time passes. Kind of like X-Com except without the additional tactical battle layer. Or, perhaps more like Fallout Shelter, mechanically, with disciples showing up on your Spire’s doorstep instead of vault dwellers. We’ll see.


Entirely possible. But would be nice to know, don’t you think? I could also see it being more like a turn-based think where time is measured in days and you click a button to make a day pass, or what have you.


The below part of the current Blog is what makes me think it’s going to be at least partly real-time:

Observation layer, i.e. the area that you can observe in real-time: firstly, around your own Spire – this is the zone where you see other parties coming and going as they move over the map (for example, adventurers or regular armies); this zone can be expanded with certain spells and/or upgrades to the Spire; and then, once you learn the corresponding far-seeing spells, you are also able to open such ‘observation zones’ in other places on the map by performing certain rituals (see below).


Yeah, I read that. And you are probably right. I generally don’t play real-time stuff, but with pause it might be ok.


Never mind - removed


Character States Blog:


From this, I get the impression that to a large extent this is a leadership sim. Lots of games cast you as leader, but your external actions as leader are usually the subject of the game – what to research, where to attack, etc. Your leadership itself is abstracted. But here, the player will be dealing with the nitty gritty of leadership.

Sounds promising and interesting, but very ambitious with lots of possible pitfalls, the most basic of which handling the split in focus. Each part has to matter, and each has to be interesting. But this could turn out to be something great.


Traits Blog:


Continuing to look very, very interesting. Really quite different from any other game I remember. The mechanics of the game are quite different from a computer RPG, but it sounds to me as though he is aiming for something that is much more like role-playing than the genre has gone. And despite the backdrop of sorcery, somewhat based in realism. What keeps coming to mind as I read this is a simulation of being a Martin Luther, distant from a central authority that threatens to eliminate you, but most concerned with the nitty gritty of developing your own movement.

This has become my most anticipated game in the pipeline.


Skills Blog:

With each new blog it becomes more and more apparent just how massive the ambition of the devs is. If they can pull all of this off it could be an amazing game.


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Working for me on mobile. I know they were tweaking code relating to size of things. Maybe that broke some with your browser


Thanks. I was able to edit my post above and get it to take the link by using ctrl+enter even though the button was still missing. I’ll try using a different browser and see if it still happens. Weird.


Another Developer log


The most recent developer’s blog demonstrates the game’s character generator, in the form of a fun little game: Pick which two of the ten potential disciples knocking at the door to allow into your group.


Oh man, every single update makes me more excited about this game. I just hope they manage to make an enjoyable and cohesive game out of all these various mechanics.


I feel reasonably confident about that. They are experienced, and they sounds like they know what they are doing. If I have any worry at all, it is that they are so perfectionist about small details that they will take forever to get the game out the door. But even if so, I plan to get involved in their closed beta so I won’t have to wait until they think it is done. :)


I find it hard to get excited when we don’t even know what form the gameplay takes. All the background stuff is interesting, but how is the game actually played?


That’s the big question isn’t it? We know about our role and that of the disciples, the management of the spire, the expeditions and so on, but little about the UI, so it’s hard to envision the actual moment to moment gameplay. I could imagine various ways to structure it, but that would just be idle speculation. We will just have to wait for @FinnegansFather to report back.