Spirit Island on Steam early access

Spirit Island is out on Steam as Early Access. Will give my impressions later!

Looking forward to hearing impressions, thanks! Any news on an ipad version at all? I couldn’t find anything on the campaign page or their main company page.

It’s pretty lame they’re relying on remote play for this.

Okay, first impressions:

In general, I find this to be a very solid port for solo play. It’s nice to have the system take care of everything for you, and setting up the games and playing is very low effort. I just have two problems, one regarding setup and one more significant one regarding the UI.

Setup: I am an experienced SI player, but I do not usually play with the scenarios. The current “random game” setting that allows for all of the spirits also allows for a scenario to be part of your game. I want to be able to have a random game with random spirits and random opposition without throwing scenarios into the mix at all. Right now I don’t see how I can do this.

U/I: This is rather more significant for me. When I play, I need to see my hand of power cards in front of me at all times. The power cards are the window through which I interpret the board state, since they are my main method of interfacing with it. Right now, they are nestled up in the corner of the UI, and can either be enlarged by focusing your mouse on it or grow much larger by clicking on a card. Either way, I don’t find it at all convenient to look at your whole hand while looking at the map, and that is a big problem for me. I truly hope they address this, or I don’t think I will be able to enjoy the app.

Hope this comes to iOS.

Never played it before but I remember Tom raving about the game on the home page a while back. Since I’m mostly a solo player, and this is way cheaper than the physical version, I’ll be getting it in the next day or two.

@Mark_L: How novice-friendly is it?

I haven’t done the tutorial, so it is difficult for me to put myself in the place of a beginner. It may be that the problems I experience wouldn’t be noticed by someone new to the game itself.

Its very novice friendly…but very hard…at least the physical version.

It’s a great game, I pull mine out when I want some brain burning…i “might” have to get this.

Yes, need to see the cards at all times,not zoomed in cards when hovering over…hate that.