Spirited - Apple TV Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell

I’m kind of blown away this doesn’t have a thread? I’m not 100% sure yet, but this sure felt like a movie/musical easily good enough to be a Christmas Tradition. I sure as hell plan to wish everyone a Good Afternoon after watching it.

Reviews are middling I guess, but I feel like you’d have to be a miserable Scrooge to find fault with this film.

I enjoyed this, surprisingly. The story has a small little twist.

I’m surprised. The above posts mean that this is already out. I guess when I saw a Christmas themed movie, I thought it would be out around Christmas, not before Thanksgiving.

People tend to enjoy this kind of season’s greetings type film during the Thanksgiving get togethers/long weekend.

Earlier, I suggested to the family we do a double feature of this and Weird on Thursday.

This was good. I wasn’t expecting a musical but I think it totally worked. It was equal parts funny and heartwarming.

I just finished watching. Man, I really loved this movie.

Next year I’m finally going to watch the Bill Murray one.

Didn’t know about this one, but will absolutely watch it with the family (who all love Ryan Reynolds). I’ll probably wait a few weeks to be a little closer to actual Christmas though.

Conflicted. Love Reynolds, will watch most anything he’s in. Can’t stand Ferrell, avoid anything he’s in.

It’s a pretty restrained Ferrell if that helps.

Good Afternoon!

It might. Thanks for the info.

Yeah, I’m mixed on Ferrell. Never found him funny in SNL, but did find him funny in Old School and a few movies. But didn’t find him funny in other movies like Elf, which I still don’t understand the appeal of. It’s such an awkward, weird, unfunny movie.

But this one is Excellent!

The wife hates Ferrell and enjoyed this. It was a surprise that it was so good and while I enjoyed all the numbers as they went on I don’t think any were particularly memorable. It’s not like I’m humming View From Here or whatever it was called. But I’m sure it’ll be build into a staple in the coming years.


LOL! So good! I love that they wrote a song basically about saying “Fuck you!”

I’m the same way. We watched this on Thursday and it was absolutely wonderful. So much fun. Watch it.

We saw it over the long Thanksgiving weekend. I liked it well enough, but thought it dragged a bit. Could have been 20 minutes shorter for me. Don’t know that this kind of movie needed to be over 2 hours.

But, when it was funny, it was real funny. And that was a good portion of the time.

My wife watched this, and commented part way through that the songs sounded just like Dear Evan Hansen, and was wondering if it was intentional. And then we looked it up and found out it was the same songwriters!

So given that, I wouldn’t be surprised if they grew on you should you hear them a few more times.