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Yeah, I’m getting better at spotting it now but it’s a lot less obvious than a patterned bubble around inklings! If the Bubbler’s coming back then I can understand the need for a new visual effect but otherwise it’s an unnecessary step back in clarity for something very similar.

I’ve got to say, Sting Ray is great for Rainmaker. You can hold folk back who are huddling behind a corner and really lay some ink on the Rainmaker shield.


So Lost Outpost on Salmon Run is a totally different beast to the other maps. Get trapped in the main building and you’re stuffed. Don’t communicate with your teammates and you’re stuffed. Don’t take down the Salmonids quick enough and you’re stuffed (more so than usual!). We had a rough time, two friends and I. I’m loving how the Grillers and Motherships mix up the rounds.

The new map, Manta Maria, is really interesting with the central bottleneck and metal walkways up above. I’m surprised how effective I’ve been with the Sloshing Machine too, which I was pretty crap with on Splatoon.

Oh, and fuck these guys:



Manta Maria is great in Splash Zones. It’s relatively easy to defend your own side but crossing the line is a bloodbath. Unlike Moray, it’s also one that short ranged weapons can participate in thanks to the central walkway.


I’m in love with the Sloshing Machine. Feels like the Slosher with the power of a Blaster. Awkward to aim at first but a monster in the right hands, and fast too. I was consistently splatting 20+ inklings per game on Tower Control last night which admittedly is like shooting fish in a barrel but the thing’s a beast. The current combo of Autobmb and Sting Ray is fantastic for flushing out camping snipers too.


New patch notes.

The Sting Ray is getting a buff:

  • Firing the Sting Ray continuously for 1.5 seconds will cause a shock wave to appear around the ink blast, significantly increasing its damage radius.
  • Extended firing duration by .5 seconds when the gear ability “Special Ability Up” isn’t being used. (Firing duration when using the maximum amount of “Special Ability Up” remains unchanged.)

I miss the Killer Wail, and the Sting Ray is bundled with most of my main weapons so: sweet!

Ink Storm–which I’ve warmed to recently after realising that inking your patch in Ranked is very important to prevent getting totally locked down–is also getting a buff.

I’ve kind of fallen in love with the Splat Brella. It handles very differently to all other weapons so takes some getting used to. It’s like a shotgun but you have to get your aim just right to splat inklings reliably. Mobility and foresight is essential because its range is short but its defensive capabilities are crazy when you open the brolly up. It can protect you while also being something to push back/splat inklings and ink a path forwards (something that’s allowed me to carve a route straight to the pedestal on Rainmaker before picking it up resulting in a swift and unexpected win). The Sprinkler sub and Ink Storm special means that the enemy will always be fighting against a tide of ink encroaching on their turf. It’s a proper facilitator and support weapon.

Another thing that works in its favour is that it’s such a rare weapon to see in games that folk don’t know how to deal with one, which is fun itself. I was up against this one Brella user last night, we kept getting matched against each other on Splat Zones and it was really fun getting into fights against them because we were both trying to outwit each other, flanking, juking in squid form, defending, falling back, tossing Ink Storms and Sprinklers into the mix.


Whoa… huge new updates for Splatoon 2 in the next few weeks.

That’s new maps, a new game mode, new hairstyles…wow! Says there’s a new Salmon Run map, too!

The new game mode looks really cool! I will definitely revisit Splatoon 2 once this hits.


Not just new maps, old maps, too! I saw Arowana Mall and Walleye Warehouse in there!


Yup! That’s one hell of a free add-on!


that’s nuts!!! Keep us posted on the release dates!! I’m still deep in Mario Odyssey, but I’ll want to dive in to this again!



Update looks awesome! I’m excited about the new mode too!


The first stuff hits on Thanksgiving according to that trailer. New battle stages on Friday. Pulling in some of the best old maps is awesome.


From Polygon:

The newest battle stage, called MakoMart, will join the game on Nov. 24. Three more — Shellendorf Institute, plus the return of Walleye Warehouse and Arowana Mall from the original Splatoon — will arrive soon.

A big box store stage released on Black Friday. Hilarious.

The level cap, currently maxed at 50, will increase to 99. At that point players will have the option of resetting their level display to include a star, while starting over at level 1.

Man, I never got up to 50 in the first one, and now it goes up to 99? Good lord.

Inklings are also getting four new hairstyles, and players will be able to swap their gear between battles without exiting to the lobby.



Ascii art looks fantastic on mobile.


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Yikes! That’s great!

Yeah, seriously. My friends and I always laughed at the levels of some people so soon after release. I’ve sunk a lot of hours into Splatoon 2 but I’m only around 30. 99? Whoa. I think in Splatoon I did cap-out but I hammered that game.

I’m S+ on all solo ranked modes in Splatoon 2 which has reduced my enthusiasm to keep chipping away at MP. Ranking up seemed a lot harder in the original. I’d love to do team ranked but my friends aren’t really around enough, not to mention, they’re both scared to using anything but Aerospray :-p


Oh, and Nintendo added video recording to the Switch and Splatoon 2 just after I’d hit S+ across the board.

All those splats, lost, in time, like… ink… in the storm.
- Roy Splatty


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So do games like Splatoon have regular built in online MP like a console game or is it just with friends using those codes and such.


I haven’t done much Splatoon MP, but it has a sort of matching lobby where you’ll get put in games. I.E., it’s not just friend code MP.


It has standard ranked and party matchmaking for both competitive and for the co-op Salmon Run mode.