Splinter Cell Conviction - Wha happen?!

Haven’t heard a peep about this game in ages. It’s one of Ubi’s biggest franchises. Did Altair kill and consume Sam Fisher in order to gain his powers?

Also, it occurs to me that they should totally tie the two series together, and make Sam Fisher a descendent of the Assassins.

Wait - isn’t it due in fiscal year 2009 for Ubi? I thought that they’d announced that around E3 last year.

People seemed to have some serious hate on for the game on some other sites I read, and I think Ubi saw that and was like “ehhhh not yet.” and decided to polish it up a bit more. It wasn’t looking like a Splinter Cell game, it was looking like something more akin to a Bourne game, which is not what Splinter Cell is about.

I haven’t been following this game since the initial reveal, but a Bourne-ish game sounds fantastic.

OTOH, another formulaic Splinter Cell game with slightly nicer graphics and slightly more glitchy movement/AI (both of which seem to be the trend for the series) is something the world does not need.

Listen to internet forum fanboys at your peril, Ubi!

Whatever formula changes they make, it’s due to be a good one. Splinter Cell follows the Star Trek rule of alternating crappy entries with good ones.

Splinter Cell 1: Great
Pandora whatever: Not so much
Chaos Theory: Incredible!
That last one that came out that I forget the name of: Forgettable

I’m sure Charles will give us the details on what is taking so long.

I remember the gist of it being about hiding in plain sight, levels with high populations, outdoor, etc. The very very very old footage and screenshots I saw made it look like you played a homeless Sam Fisher wandering around an area with all the “realism” of a Tony Hawk level, i.e. you can tell what it’s trying to be (some outdoor park), but it’s very painfully clear that you’re really just in A Videogame Level.

I have a feeling Assassin’s Creed made someone think twice about where they were going with SC.

There’s a rumor that they started over after four years of production because some new producer had a “revolutionary” idea.

That doesn’t sound good. Save the revolutionary idea for the sequel.

Is Clint Hocking still involved? I believe he was responsible for the first and third games but recently he worked on Far Cry 2.

If he is involved i trust it to be good… if not, maybe not.

Chaos Theory is a perfect formula – why not stick to it? I can understand the anxiety of being too derivative, but it was only until Chaos Theory that the level design became consistently good enough to really enjoy the stealth; SC1 and SC2 hardly count in my book.

If the rumors of Sam Fisher’s original voice actor stepping out are true, on the other hand, they should really just reboot the series.

If there is no Michael Ironside, there is no Sam Fisher.

Michael Ironside is great but he doesn’t define Sam Fisher for me. TBH, while I enjoy the Splinter Cell games (mostly), I don’t find Sam Fisher to be a particularly strong character anyway. He’s basically just John Clark without being John Clark (…and I don’t really have a very specific vocal/visual image for Clark since they use a different actor to play him in every movie adaptation).

I recall reading the claim that they went back to the drawing board because the “social stealth” aspect of the game was too similar to Assassin’s Creed, but also inferior.

I love the series, and would be quite happy with a more of the same Chaos Theory approach, but I was also looking forward to something new.

I know a lot really dislike Double Agent, but I really enjoyed the terrorist compound levels in that game. Probably the only thing I’ve ever played that really felt like I was a spy.

“Double Agent” is the 4th.

Part of my fascination with “SC” was / is the use of advanced technology.
Stripping Sam from that (unless his suit found the way to the black market where he will have to outfit himself in Conviction) makes the concept way less sexy to me. I hope they changed course when they went back into the planning which caused the delay.

My money is on “Velvet Assassin” right now that should come out in May / June (though it was delayed for some time already) for my “stealth game” fix.