Splinter Cell: DA MP demo on XBLM

Go get it! I wish they would release these things at some other time than the middle of the night though.

I’m all over this tonight.

It’s taking foreverrrrrrr to download. I started it over an hour ago and it’s not even halfway done.

I got in about 30 minutes, maybe less

thoughts? I only had a few minutes, and I’m not used to it because I didnt do multi on the other SC titles, but it seemed pretty fucking nice to me.

their decision to release a demo that forces you to only play with strangers and not friends is mind boggling.

Anyone else get stuck on “Joining a session, Please wait?” I’ve left it on for 10 mins and there’s no way to get past that.

Yep, I got that too.


I thought that was the case, but you can invite a friend once you are in a lobby. It’s not obvious, though.

This just stopped me from deleting this. Will give it another try this afternoon.

I rather like it. Hacking a terminal while hanging from the rafters by one hand is just super cool, and then once you have a complete file and bolting for your home terminal is very very tense. The game really does have a play style all its own. I ran into the “join session” issue last night though. Also, how do you create a net new session v. joing a session? That’s completely unobvious.

One thing though, the emf sensor of the Upsilon force needs to work a little better I think.

Didn’t have that problem in the two games I played last night.

Anyone else find it boggling they release it only 3 days before it ships?

DOesn’t give much time for those skeptics to see how well it works before buying.

And then not even announcing it, unlike most big things (Via the main screen, below Marketplace icon, there is a small banner that pops up with new big things.)

Meh. Downloading now >_>

You don’t HAVE to buy it on the day it releases.

I think what he was suggesting is that this is surprisingly poor marketing by a relatively established company.

Care to share how? I couldn’t figure this out at all.

Is anyone surprised by how completely and entirely last-gen this game looks? I mean, there is nothing I can see in this demo to indicate it couldn’t be a 720p Xbox 1 game.

Well, I haven’t been able to get into a lobby since, so you’ll have to forgive a vague memory. Once in the lobby for the custom match game, there seemed to be a series of icons indicating player slots for either team. The textual display at the bottom left says something ambiguous like “extra options for this mode” - I can’t remember exactly, but I remember being surprised that when I clicked the indicated button I was given a prompt to invite a friend.

But I didn’t have any friends online, sob, bluh.

Is the game easier to pick up and play then Chaos Theory or Pandora Tomorrow? I really enjoyed the multiplayer in those games, but it seemed like everyone that played was either really good or really bad. Mostly really good.