Splinter Cell: Double Agent

Looks like Sam’s going undercover.

This actually sounds pretty cool. Mixing in some Hitman flavor, and vexing moral dilemmas generally make for good gaming. I’m more interested now than I was. (I bought Chaos Theory last spring and haven’t installed it yet… darn WoW! ;-) )

And finally, this just plain looks fun:


“I wish I brought a nice warm hood like you.”
“I wish our animators knew how to rappel.”

“I thought YOU tied off the ropes.”

Didn’t notice till you pointed it out :) but yeah…

“Sam, since you have no distinguishing characteristics, the only way people will know it’s you is if you wear the nightvision goggles. Even if we are above the Arctic circle and need to wait 12 weeks before the sun goes down.”

“What th-? I thought you said you were bringing the guns!”


“Do these IR/UV night goggles make me look fat?”


“You picked a Hell of a time to reveal that you’re gay, Sam.”


“I’m guessing any second now we’re both going to slip on this ice face with our stupid rubber-souled Gore-Tex boots that have no crimpons attached and smack our grills right into the cliff face.”

“Yeah, look: the Russians down there in that frigate are already pointing and laughing.”

“Hmm. That’s a tough one. Heath was cute, but personally, I’d have to go with Jake Gyllenhaal.”


Oh they do, it’s one of those unstated tests of strength where they sit there chatting and pretending to lean back on their ropes even though they’re just holding on for dear life with one hand. It’s like in Predator when Arnold and Carl Weathers do the clasp-handshake and their biceps bulge obscenely and I wonder what that funny feeling is.

“You do have one, you idiot, you’re just too macho to pull it over your senile head!”

“So why did the helicopter drop us at the top of the iceberg?”

The graphics are insanely good.

Is Sam saying that, or the other guy?

Other guy: “Podiums? What the fuck are you on about?”

“Oh, real mature, Sam. I said Freddie Prinze, Jr. is attractive in an abstract sense, not that I am attracted to him. For the last time, I am not gay!”

“I am the finest rappeler on this cliff, by far.”

Sam: “I just can’t quit you.”

Other: “…”

“Just step off Sam.”

I brought some tuna sandwiches, I know how much you hate peanut butter, Sam.

ps. Thats one of the best things Spoofy ever posted.

I’m not sure I can bring myself to care about another Splinter Cell game, but the undercover elements might make it a bit easier.

“I still can’t believe you introduced Spoofy to Quarter to Three.”
“Just fucking let it go!”

Also, easy on the Eurogamer bandwidth leeching.

Dude, it only grabs the picture one time. Browsers are smart that way.