Splinter Cell Tonight?

Just kidding. We’ll all be playing Gears of War.

The true brilliance of this post is that Wholly is still located in Morskoj.

I would like to play Splinter Cell sometime, though. Was there just no QT3 Splinter Cell multi lovefest at all? Strange.

Dude, Splinter Cell is old. That came out like two or three weeks ago!

I hear vegas has FOUR player COOP, and SIXTEEN player VS play.

So get your gears on while you can!!

(I’ll be up for some gears in about 60 minutes)

Hah, I forgot all about the Morskoj thing. As for seriously playing Splinter Cell, the second I heard that the original Xbox version of Double Agent has the co-op and multiplayer we know and love from the previous version, and not the new version, I lost all interest in 360 Double Agent multiplayer. I just haven’t had the money to pick up the other version of Double Agent yet. When I do, I really will be making pleas for someone to play with.

OK, four player coop sounds awesome, but I actually like the small four-on-four battles in Gears. It’s like the new overtime rules in hockey: less players = a better, quicker, more intense game.

God dammit.

I’ll have Splinter Cell from Gamefly in about 2 weeks. Gamefly turns out to be sloooooooooooooooooooow.

I hope the single player’s good. :(

It is.

It’s great SP, and I think you’ll like snapping necks in multi.

The single player is great fun, and pretty yummy looking too. I’m thinking of playing it through again, which I rarely do.

The multiplayer, though? Hm. I want to like it, but I feel like I’m fighting the game in order to enjoy myself. I like the assymetry and the gameplay, but the learning curve on the maps is so incredibly steep, and there’s no real opportunity to practice or learn the maps. Even the “co-op” botmatch is proving far, far too hard for my lame skills.

Maybe I’m using completely the wrong tactic, because I’m seeing scores for the co-op that are several hundred times what my efforts produce. Anybody have some tips?

Also, I’d like to kick whoever thought the voice-overs during loading were a good idea.

I was enjoying the sp more than the mp. That is until Gears of War came out and dominated my time.