Splinter Cell

I just downloaded the demo and the first thing I have to do in the demo is jump across a breezeway. Is constant jumping indicative of most of the game?


Think of it as Ultima VIII with a graphics upgrade.

I just got this game tonight, and WOW, talk about an amazing game. The graphics, the tension, the gameplay, it’s amazing. What a fantastic game…

No, jumping is a very small part of the game. Also, the first level with the building on fire is not indicative of the gameplay in general and is one of the weakest levels, IMO. I’m not sure if that’s the level in the PC demo though, as I played the Xbox version.

The PC Demo has you start trying to get to the Apartment of one the agents that disappeared - it’s the level right before the police station break in to find the two agent bodies.

No, but replaying levels until you have memorized where each guard patrols is a big part of the game. Fun.

Ooh. Not a good sign in my book. I don’t like play-memorize-repeat games like that–Hitman 2 comes to mind. Levels in H2 were for all intents and purposes impossible (if you were trying for Silent Assassin, at any rate) to win the first time through. Levels in Thief II, on the other hand, were doable the first time through, even on Expert, if you approached them with care. T2 was a much more enjoyable game for me for just that reason. Splinter Cell doesn’t sound like it will be.

i disagree and yet agree with you: I found Hitman2 to be excellent in the fact that in each mission you had complete control of the level of stealth; if you wanted to be labeled a ‘homicidal maniac’, then you were free to run and gun each level. if you, like me, really enjoyed the sniper aspects and played those levels like an ice cold pro, then you were free to do that. i repeated very few levels in Hitman2.

Splinter Cell (for the Xbox and i assume very similar on PC) is not like that. you are scripted to the level of force that you may use in most of the missions. you do not receive 5th Freedom clearance until late in the game. you will spend a good portion of time learning guard routes, but i do not think that means you will always be repeating levels: you are provided with a vast assortment of tools that can help allieviate this problem.

that said, Splinter Cell is more a trial & error type game than Hitman 2 is, IMHO.