Split - M. Night Shyamalan, James McAvoy, Anya Taylor-Joy

What a twist!

Well… I always like to see people from Eight is Enough still kickin’ around.

Unless it features Marky Mark outrunning pollen, I’m not interested.

Hopefully the twist is that Anya Taylor-Joy has her full powers. She’s just waiting for a dramatic moment to spring them (and maybe convert her friends in the process).

No. 1 box office over the weekend.

It made $40.2 million, and was only projected to do around $20 million. It cost around $10 million to produce.

It easily outperformed XXX: The Return of Xander Cage ($20.1 million) with Vin Diesel, which most analysts had predicted would be the box office champ for the weekend.

What a twist!

Ok guys, hear me out.

This movie was pretty fucking great.

Go see it in theaters knowing as little as possible about it.

I am surprised XXX made $20mil. A truly awful film.

Was not on my radar as I felt the trailer showed way too much. Will reconsider.

If this is as good as The Visit, maybe M Night is finally back, though I’ve always had a soft spot for his movies even the ‘goofy’ ones.

I saw the trailer too and don’t think it affected my enjoyment at all.

Saw it. It was good. Worth seeing. Trailer doesn’t ruin it. The teenager really wanted to see it and I had little interest, and ended up really enjoying it. McAvoy’s pretty great in it.

Through most of this, I thought the film was kinda stupid. Then I got to the very last scene which was a special kind of stupid that really made it all worthwhile.

Love it or hate it, James McAvoy does an amazing job bringing the different personalities to life.

As it was, I didn’t “love love” it, but it was quite good entertainment. Far better than I expected it to be.

I think, I am going to watch it for McAvoy, McAvoy ages very well…lol. Looks fun.

My wife and I went and saw this on Sunday.

I walked away liking it well enough, but mostly for moments here and there, the performances, and the little punch at the end. It was … good enough, like Shyamalan’s last movie (The Visit).

A couple of non-spoiler notes:

  • Shyamalan is aces at casting his movies. I admit - I haven’t seen all of his films; I skipped Lady in the Water and The Happening. The rest though - like JJ Abrams, he has a knack for getting the exact right person for any given role, or at least directing a person well enough that it seems like they own the characters.

  • McAvoy is the reason to see this movie. He gives a fun performance. There’s a particular scene with Hedwig that had me very amused.

  • In fact, I liked the weird tone of the movie. Moments of levity that should feel completely out of place, but work.

A spoiler opinion:


One problem I have with the movie is that this is one of those films where the protagonist has little to no impact whatsoever on the overall resolution of the plot. While she ostensibly grows as a person throughout (at least, the indication at the end is that she’s done with being a victim), I don’t think much would have changed had Dennis only grabbed the two other girls (which was his original intent). The doctor still would have gone looking for him, he probably still would have killed her, and through a little investigation, the cops would likely still have found his hideout and figured out whodunit.

I promise that you will not say “Shyamalan is aces at casting” after seeing The Happening. :)


My thoughts exactly. Good entertainment, and McAvoy was fantastic.

I did go see it and did enjoy it. Glad you posted about it otherwise would have missed it. Thx.

I saw it Sunday and liked it. Good stuff! Haven’t seen one of his movies since Signs though.

You should rent The Visit. It’s a fun watch too. Nothing extravagant. Just a nicely tense movie.