Splitting .mov files

In which I demonstrate my complete ignorance about video editing:

I have a Zoom Q3 camera that captures video in Quicktime. I shot some video that needs to be split into shorter videos. I would like to do this without decoding in a video editor and then re-encoding. Is this possible? If so, how?

EDIT: Okay, apparently Quicktime Pro will do this. If anyone knows of anything free, that’d be great.

jerri, I’m pretty sure you can do this in bog-standard Quicktime Player as well - mainly because I did this last week and I shouldn’t have the Pro version on this laptop. However, my laptop now refuses to launch the damn thing so I can’t check for you, but a quick Google seems to confirm this.


You can do this, but you can only cut on IDR(‘key’)-frames, so you may not be able to cut precisely where you want to.

Thanks, Krok, but standard QT wouldn’t do it - all the functions I needed had “Pro” next to them. So I ponied up $30 for it, because I was on sort of a deadline.

Douglas, I wish I’d seen your post first. Ah, well - QT Pro did a nice job, and it was damned easy - everything’s done in the viewer with a marker at the bottom of the window.

Sorry if I advised you poorly on that jerri. I can only assume my editing software installed the Pro version a while back (I sure as heck didn’t). I still can’t check it though - why do you fail me, laptop?