Splitting the Connection

The Setup: There is a Linksys wireless router in the basement where the cable comes in. There is a computer beside the router, that’s the first stop. There are also cat cables running into the basement family room, and upstairs into two bedrooms, including mine. So that’s all the cable jacks on the router used. No one in the house wants to give up their wired cable Internet for a wireless connection. I also don’t want to string another LAN cable through the walls and ceilings of the various floors of the house again into my bedroom.

However, I would like another connection option. My 360 is in here, and I’d like to be able to connect to Live while leaving the connection to my computer. Would it be cheaper to buy a hub, a second router, or a 360 wireless adapter? Which would be the best choice? A decent router here is around $50, I have no idea if hubs are even on the market anymore, and the wireless adapter is around $120-$130 in more stores.

I think a second router would be the best choice, but I have no idea if a series circuit of routers works well.

Any cheap switch will work. You don’t want another router. You’re right, you can’t buy hubs anymore (they were 10 mbps only). But you can get a 4-8 port switch for less than $20. Run a short cat 5 cable from any lan port on the router to any port on the switch and it should autodetect the uplink and give you a bunch more ports to use seamlessly.

Like this or this?

Well, instead of a short cable from the router to the switch, I was gonna go a long cable from the router to the switch, basically, the one leading into my room, and just do cables from the switch in the closet to the PC and 360.

Thanks for the advice.

Yeah. Either of those would do the trick.