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This might be a really stupid question, but I have to ask:

I’ve been using the GoGamer links whenever I buy games because, well, hey, I like to give a little back.

Recently, the link has stopped working for me. I’ve noticed I have the same problem with some links on techbargains.com.

I figured it was a problem with my hosts file, but there’s no mention of qksrv.net anywhere in the hosts file…

Any suggestions?


You shouldn’t need a hosts entry to reach sites on the Internet.

What he is admitting is to installing kazaalite that writes people a new host file. Just delete the whole file they install - what does it do? It blocks so banners from being shown and stops some sites from working - are you still on a 14.4 modem that you need to block ads to save bandwidth?


Sorry if that came off overly bitter - but bidboy.com not work at all with the modified host file - and I regularly get hate mail that I am installing spyware on people’s computer because of that.

Igorance is so rampant in the realm of spyware and adaware that people just lash out - it is like cookies. People have no idea the real reason sites use cookies (to keep track of a user in a stateless enviroment), past some sites don’t work well if you don’t accept them - which in their messed up logic, you must be doing something evil if you use cookies.


Ah, bidboy. I’ve always wanted a haunted Ouija board.

I also have Kazaa Lite installed (I was looking for some obscure 80’s song and this was the only way-- not a regular user) and BidBoy seems to work fine.

You have to use the hosts file they supply you with. Now that Chet mentions it, I do remember this nonsense back when I checked out Kazaa Lite. If I remeber correctly, it is a huge list of domain names they reroute to localhost to block banners.


Absolutely right about Kazaa lite, and no worries about sounding bitter – I can understand if it makes your life difficult. Can I just rename that hosts file and not worry about it? I’m not worried about blocking banner ads, but I do want to be sure that I can do my very small part to support Qt3 and poehosting.

Incidentally, how much money do you guys get when I purchase something from gogamer?


Gogamer is 5%, but until today, we hadn’t seen any purchases for over a month, but every little bit helps.