Spore Delayed until Spring 2008+

Quite a long dev cycle, that game…

It’s surprising how many people get upset about delays. Strange that EA keeps giving dates out that will only cause people to gnash their teeth further. :)

You know this is Soren’s fault. He joins the team, immediately thinks of five ways to make it better and they have to start all over again.




Oh well, I do prefer finished games. Knock 'em out the box, Soren.

Dammit! Really, really looking forward to this.

As soon as I heard they’d hired Soren I figured it would be delayed, otherwise there’d be no point in bringing in someone new so late.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it slips even further.

It’ll be worth it.

quoted cause that’s exactly what I’m expecting too.

Yer, it’s been pretty clear all along that it’s not even a toy yet. It’s been more of a creature construction kit. But any real social dynamics? Any ecological depth that people could relate to, even at the level of SimCity? Any actual… you know… game? Nope, haven’t seen it, not yet, nope, nope.

I’m very happy that Soren will have over a year to have some kind of influence on the project. Because up until now, none of the people involved – not Will Wright, not Chris Hecker, not any of the European demo hackers – have had 10% of Soren’s credibility when it comes to that just one more turn magic. And without a whole heaping boatload of that, Spore is going to be a big fat SimAnt-like letdown.

I hope they take all the time they need, because let’s face it, if they don’t, they’re selling their insanely ambitious concept tragically short.

Get me all excited then say “no I’m not yet ready yet”, its high school all over again! :-/

Hey! What was wrong with SimAnt?

SimAnt was awesome. And no disrespect to Soren, but he’s not even in the same league as Will Wright.

Well, this makes me sort of sad in the abstract, but it’ll probably take me until Spring of 2008 to be able to afford a computer that will even run Spore.

So I wonder what the break even point in copies sold for Spore is going to end up being.

It looks at LEAST as fun as SimEarth. WHOO, EUKARYOTES.

SimEarth was great too.

Hey, cool! Maybe by the time it’s out, I’ll have a computer that can handle it!

Isn’t that what the “Civilization Phase” and “Space Phase” are for? From the descriptions, both sound like they’ll have plenty of that. Those phases look totally awesome.

Hope they release the Creature Creator as a standalone demo in 2007.

Soren why did you delay this game? Did you come onboard and immediately demand a raise or something, thereby causing a rift in Maxis and therefore the space-time continuum? Inquiring minds want to know!

— Alan

I really hope so, this game has been on my birthday wish list for the last two years, each time the game gets delayed. I would love to try out the creature creator .