Sports Betting

I dunno if this is a taboo subject on here or not but… how many folks here bet on games?

— Alan

Betting on sports is old school.

Betting On Governor Races is whats in.

(betting on colin farrel’s life is just gay by the way).


I bet on sports on occasion. We’ve got a nicely streamlined system for it all up here.

Depends on what you mean. I play in the office pools for NFL weekly games and also for the NCAA March Madness. Its a heavy load to bear - costs me about 100 bucks a year.

What kind odds were you getting? :)

Actually I was kinda referring to off-shore, er Las Vegas, betting.

— Alan

That link is to offshore betting, they have sports and wacky news, politics, enterainment bets. I know they pay when you win.


Speaking of which:

Governor of California Special Election 2003 - Result of Recall Prop
Davis is recalled -300
Davis remains in office +250

Governor of California Special Election 2003 - Odds to Replace Davis if Recall is Successful
Arnold Schwarzenegger 1/4
Cruz Bustamante 5/2
Tom McClintock 12/1

Wow, Arnold is 1/4? Yikes. That’s good odds :)

— Alan

Anyway, wanted to see if anyone wanted to form a “synidcate” (not as menacing as it sounds). PM me if you’re interested.

— Alan

“Offshore” betting is a huge industry in Costa Rica. Virtually any English speaker can earn 9$ an hour and up (a lot for there), so long as you don’t mind living in a cubicle for 9 hours straight.
Mind you, given the amount of processing power and facilities they have to process it, the house ALWAYS cleans up. I know of quite a few otherwise reasonable college students who cleaned themselves out betting.