Sports games will doom sports

They Got (Video) Game; N.B.A. Finals Can Wait

Growing number of young men would rather play sports video game than watch real thing on television; since 2000, sales of sports video games in United States have risen by 34 percent, to $1.2 billion in 2004, while television broadcast ratings for almost all major sports have fallen among male viewers between 12 and 34; professional sports officials have mixed feelings about phenomena: appreciation for licensing revenue that video games can bring leagues, and concern about whether these video games are hurting their cash cow, television

Some kids who were interviewed claimed that the more realistic sports games become, they are more atractive then watching sports. Right now the sports industry can still see beefits from this because they make money selling the licences. But if there is less and less interest in the real leagues, how much will the licences be worth?

Simple solution:

Fewer commercials.

The #1 best thing about Sunday Ticket is that it’s almost impossible to flip through every game and be unable to find one that’s not at a commercial break.

Triple negative FTW!

Have ratings for sports declined more then ratings for everything else?

And when all the games are on commercial at the same time, you’re like “WTF? This shouldn’t happen.”

I know for me the players are the ones ruining sports for me. Shaq, Kobe, T.O., Randy Moss… these types of people kill my enjoyment of watching sports. Commercials I can live with.

Two words: fantasy football

Let the kids bet on sports and see if ratings improve.

No kidding DeanRaker, apparently 15 million Americans play fantasy football. That’s a solid core.

Part of it for me in regards to the NBA is that it has steadily sucked more and more over the last several years. A great portion of professional sports is just made up of a bunch of whiny millionairs running around complaining about referee calls and then their salary. College sports will always be more entertaining for me for the simple fact that most of the players actually care about what they’re doing.