Spot the Poster, the game

As I’ve been pressed for time more recently, I’ve noticed I only skim threads. This has the unfortunate side effect of missing people’s points when firing off a quicky reply, but sometimes I stumble upon an interesting paragraph without seeing who it’s posted by, but I find I can tell in many cases who wrote it.

I’ve never been wrong about a Koontzian thought (should we be so generous as to label it as such ;) ), nor mistaken any of the politico personalities (McCullough, Midnight Son, bmulligan) when they’re on the subject, as well as the weirdo wonders (meant in a wholly complimentary fashion) such as Kitsune and SpoofyChop.

I wonder then, if we’re all that predictable? Does anyone ever play this game on purpose?

Do you ever recognize someone when you see them, without reading a helpful name tag?

(characteristics: snarky one-line posts with aspersions towards deeper meanings)

This thread sucks. Burn in hell.

Usually, the only posts i recognize right off are Koontz’s and Kitsune’s. In threads where the formatting gets screwed by a link, i find myself constantly scrolling back and forth to see who wrote what.

Utena Xena Socialist Paradise

Yes, I do, sort of. I often phase out the username column, which means I can read stuff then slowly start thinking “this sounds an awful lot like…” and then checking. I’m usually right.

Because of all the text, I presume?

Speaking of long-winded, I’m still planning to reply to your PM, Jakub, I just wanted to test out some of your suggestions so I could improve enough to make you proud of how well I listened first, so that my reply would show that. :) I think its the only polite way to do so for the niceness you showed. :D

I’ve always thought that only maybe half of my posts are that long and the other half are of normal length you might expect on a message board. I guess though when those are the type of long that says, “Really now, Kits, maybe you should just sit down and write a book without taking another droning sentence to bore us all?” it tends to stick with people harder than the normal posts. ;)

I can never say anything simple and to the point.


I like peanut butter. Mmm, peanut butter.


On the surface, yeah. Koontz has his own ideas about line breaks, and the length is usually a dead giveaway for Kitsune. Beyond that, they both give off a fairly unique feel in their posts.

Move to Australia - then you get to have it on toast every morning. (oh and Vegimite! - the Australian Spread that Americans hate but stole from us anyway!)

oh and Vegimite! - the Australian Spread that Americans hate but stole from us anyway

Pffft, cheap aussie marmite knock off ;)