Spotify: joys, trials, and tribulations

So… one of the playlists that Spotify created for me is ‘Otacore’. Okay, whatever - no idea what that is, but listed to a few songs from it and wow, I like a lot of these.

Then I looked up what Otacore means. Time to delete Spotify. Sigh. (though the deeper I go in the playlist, well… not all good)

LOL - it’s nothing derogatory. Instead, maybe think of it as the genre of anime having your music tastes?

Yes… let’s go with that…

I’m honestly shocked Goodbye Horses isn’t number one (always and forever and ever), but Juke-Joint Jezebel is a belter. Also probably down to Goodbye Horses having a million cover versions.

I also guess Unholy is still too new to have made much of on impact on my stats… so far.

Since people love to pack themselves (and others) into as small a pigeonhole as possible, I am outing myself as an ENVU.

It’s like you people don’t listen to music when you sleep. What’s up with that?

Everything going up except my pay

Yup, increasing here too from 19.90 to 21.90.
Final price comes about to 6 USD.

I still think they’re losing money on me, I’m listening to music for hours every day.

Only going up a dollar a month. I can live with it.

I’m still spending less yearly than i used to spend every other Saturday at Amoeba. They could bump it to 20 a month and it’d still be a bargain.

I used to think that spotify’s app was rubbish, but than I started using youtube music and found out what real rubbish is.

Hahaha, so true. Youtube Music is baffling. Especially considering Google Music was quite good, and it’s been replaced by this.

I’m sure his copyright holders are like “enough already”.

The way I saw it explained on TheVerge yesterday is that Joe Rogan’s podcast is basically everywhere podcasts are now, and is no longer a Spotify exclusive. Since that’s what he was protesting, it no longer makes sense to protest Spotify.

When I got my email about the Spotify price hike, I jumped onto Amazon and bought a one-year Spotify membership giftcard for $99. So…a savings of about $44 over the next 12 months, since Spotify doesn’t officially offer a discount for people willing to subscribe longterm.

(Edited to add needed clarity. Totally my bad, that was a vague post!)

Can Amazon import your playlists?

I’m pretty sure he’s describing buying a $99 gift card for 12 months of Spotify Premium from Amazon:

Oh, no idea. I was just saying that the folks selling 1-year Spotify subscription cards for a hundred bucks were Amazon.

EDIT: What Thierry said, more concisely and lest fumble-brained than I did! Plus with links! (Also corrected the main post, since yeah, it’s unclear what the heck I was saying. Sorry about that JP!

Oh nice!

Will it stop your auto-pay when you put that in?