Spotify, Prodigy, Grooveshark etc

I’d love one please!

I’ll take the second invite if it’s still available beecubed.

The pansentient site is nice. Most links mentioning an artist or album open up directly in Spotify.

Invite codes sent. Let me know if they don’t work.

I just encountered that bug.

As an aside, looks like Metallica’s decided not to join the Spotify party. Can’t find their albums.

I seem to have fixed it by setting the client to run as administrator. Haven’t had the problem since.

I can’t find a way to search/peruse Spotify’s catalogue without joining. Is there such a way?

While we’re all here, do any of these services (or any others the groupthink might know of) allow me to stream songs from my hard drive with my phone?

I’d settle for something like Amazon’s Cloud Player if any of these has better organizational tools in the Android app, or even if it requires computer access.

It looks like Spotify does this, but it looked that way with the Amazon MP3 Player too, and I have no way to reorganize any of the songs short of rewriting all the MP3 tags & uploading them again. I’d test it, but I’m not in yet.

Pick your poison.

I was already on the generic list when I posted that, but now that I’m in, I’m a few thousand miles from my computer…

I’d still like opinions on which service handles personal music best. There’s already plenty of information in this topic about which ones stream the service’s music best.

Don’t know if I’d pay for it but I can see keeping it installed to try out songs/bands I hear about to see if I want to buy. Better than Apple iTunes only letting you play a clip.

One of the great things about an all-access music service with a huge back catalog is that I get to catch up on music from the last 8 or 9 years since I had a kid and stopped spending every waking hour and available cent on stacks and stacks of records and CDs. I made a list of a couple hundred bands that I was always interested in but never really heard much and I’ve been working my way down it with Spotify, and keeping another list of what I think of them and making a playlist with stand-out tracks. Like:

Bands that are brilliant and I’m sad I wasn’t aware of it: Vampire Weekend, Two Door Cinema Club, Stornoway

Bands that I really enjoyed: LCD Soundsystem, Bloc Party (until their awful 3rd album anyway), Arctic Monkeys, Animal Collective

Bands that have a good song or two but are generally overhyped or overrated: The xx, Foals, The Strokes

Bands that are utter crap: Kasabian, Blackbird Blackbird, Bombay Bicycle Club

…and so on. Spotify is great!

[Shocked emoticon!!!] Kasabian is one of my favorite bands.

Spotify is great!

On this we agree.

I probably should have left that off. Every band has a Shonen Knife who loves them, after all.

Admittedly, I only made through the first two albums (and I was skimming by a third of the way through the second) so maybe they get wonderful by album #3, but, lord…Flowered Up meets Oasis? Yikes. I’m just not sure the world is ready for a baggy/britpop revival.

Best comp ever!

I confess to being an Oasis apologist as well.

Nonetheless, I am now listening to Two Door Cinema Club per your recommendation.

Picked up the Spotify Premium sub to try it for a month since I listen to music at work and need to be able to stream over my phone (work frowns on using the business connection for streaming).

I’ve been quite impressed with the quality of the streams. They say that one of the Premium benefits is higher fidelity streaming, which looks to enable 320kbps streaming on the desktop version. Sounds quite nice and is good enough to play over my stereo at home. The 160kbps streaming over mobile beats the hell out of the “high quality” 128kbps streams that I’ve found most every other service offers. I made it the entire day listening without once grimacing, which has never been true from using Pandora et al.

Too true! I haven’t listened to it in a long time, but I remember the Big Dipper version of “Making Plans for Bison” and Mr. T Experience’s “Flying Jelly Attack” being especially good.

What’d you think?

I liked them. I started with the first track off Tourist History, Cigarettes in The Theatre, and it made my brain move back and forth.

Has anyone played around with collaborative playlists yet? We had a lot of fun with them on my hockey forums. I’ve created this one for folks to play around with:

Anyone can add tracks to the playlist. I suggest no more than five per person just so it doesn’t get over whelming to listen to.

Hmmm, no. Didn’t even know about that. I shall definitely listen and add some songs.