Springtime for Hilter Movies - Concussion, Will Smith Vanity Project

How the hell did anyone think the movie, Concussion, would be a sound commercial investment? Few football fans are interested in a lefty corporate conspiracy movie, and most people interested in that sort of movie have little interest in football. And on top of that, it just looks like a cynical attempt at Oscar bait replete with Will Smith adopting an accent for cornball dialogue. And it’s being released in competition with The Revenant and Hateful Eight.

Just seems like a movie designed to alienate every possible target market.

Other movies that seem designed to lose money? Kinda reminds me of I am Sam.


I couldn’t be less interested in the movie, but that’s because I gave up on football a few years ago. I stopped following it because of CTE, and so for me, there’s no need to see this dramatized – it’s a settled issue. But I think it will do fine: the NFL is a cultural juggernaut, and this is a controversy, and it’s starring Will Smith. The Hateful Eight and The Revenant aren’t going to steal ticket sales here – at least I don’t think – those are for men 18-29, and I think Concussion is aimed at the Frontline crowd.

Haha, I have to use that line! You might actually be correct, but it still works.

The Frontline version (which was on again just the other night) is probably more entertaining.

Desslock, I don’t think the appeal of football falls quite as in line with some kind of red-state-blue-state divide as you’re implying. I think there are plenty of people a movie like this could appeal to, but I share your concerns that it will actually not be very good regardless.

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