Sprint: Customer Service Hell

I am supposed to get free roaming on my Sprint plan, but for some reason they don’t seem to want to honor it on all my phones. This is the third month I have been charged for roaming and had to call for a credit. This month’s charges are so high the customer service agent can’t authorize the credit, even though she acknowledges they are not accurate.

At least this month’s agent knew what she was doing. Last month the agent I got tried to tell me that I had the roaming plan that only allows me to “roam on the Sprint network,” so that’s why I was being charged. I just hung up. When I called back, I got someone who had a better grasp of the issues.

I want to compell these people to give me a credit for all the hassle, but they won’t do it. I should change providers, but it seems like a huge hassle.

Right now I am waiting for a customer service manager to call me back, which I don’t think is going to happen. It looks like I have to call back in a few days/hours to see if the credit has gone through.

How much more fucked up can it get?

Christ, you changed your name again?

You want to look into whether your state has a public service commission that regulates telecom companies. If you can complain to such an agency it will usually get the attention of someone higher-level/smarter at Sprint because most states have the power to levy fines against telecomes if the complaints rise above a certain level in volume/severity.

My cellphone occasionally gets calls that are people sitting on hold for the power company. Every once in a while I get some interesting voicemails about a gas leak or from people who are pissed about some tree that’s too close to their house.

I really hate my phone.

Good point Nick. I wonder if that helps on individual claims like mine. It seems like something you would do for a class action suit or something larger. I have no idea if everyone is having this kind of problem with Sprint and don’t really care to police the industry. I am just worred about me, me, ME. :)

I remember not too long ago you could just call in and arbitrate your bill with the customer service agent and win all kinds of concessions. Ah, the good old days.

Technically this is the first name change for me!

I have managed to stop adding new user names, with the help of Usernames Annonymous. You can be critical if you like, but just remember: I’m not a bad poster, just a sick poster.

I always had very good luck with Sprint for my long distance. Sadly, that’s a completely different set of people than you must be dealing with.