SPY HUNTER - The Movie... starring: The Rock

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The Rock In SpyHunter … The Movie?

Can you smell what The Rock is cooking? We certainly can, and it’s the role of Alec Sects, a former F-15 pilot employed as a member of the Spy Hunter team by International Espionage Services, in the upcoming movie based on Midway’s Spy Hunter series. Announced on Monday by Universal Pictures and reported by The Hollywood Reporter, the movie will be produced by Chuck Gordon (president of Daybreak Productions) and Adrian Askarieh (Prime Universe Productions president) who are currently looking for writers for the movie.

The game, which revolves around the transforming Interceptor supercar, will stay true to its roots in the movie, but according to Chuck Gordon, the movie will also “tailor the game to the Rock and his unique personality”. The movie will be backed by $100 million and will have Sects battling Dameon Currey, president of the world domination organization called Nostra International.

Alan Sects and Dameon Currey…those names read like they were randomly generated.

Ah, but the possibilities for clever Sects-ual innuendo are sure to attract top notch screenwriters.

“Ms. Johnson, I need Sects!”
“I know you think he’s the man for the job, but is Sects really that good?”

                              ALAN SECTS

     What's the matter, Currey? Things getting a little too hot for ya?