Spyware? or wtf? (image)

I’ve got this weird ass pop up in Firefox ( I haven’t tested in Internet Explorer) but for some reason this browser of mine keeps trying to connect to ‘muckty.quatertothree.com’ and then tells me it can’t. I have no idea what the hell it is, I’ve run Adaware and spybot but they now come up clear. Also, it only happens on these forums, everything else is fine.

Here’s the image

Any one?

An ad server? I sometimes see popups like that when parts of a page can’t load. Usually parts loaded from separate servers, like ads.

I’ve seen it – also on Firefox. More often, it takes the page a long time to load, showing that in the status bar. I always assumed it was normal.


Dudes, its the frame that puts the POENews at the top of the page. It occasionally times out.

I swear to god, I mean, its great that everyone’s concerned about spyware and adware and stuff, but get a grip sometime. Not every wierd dialog box is leet hax0rs trying to get your email address to send you targeted lesbian goat porn.

And dude, WTF is with that desktop. I think you need more stuff in the system tray and some more black and red stuff. Then the goth internet chicks will love you.

Because ad companies only want you to serve ads from the agreed upon domain, we alias our ad serving domain - pipx.com/91v.com for QT3 to muckity.quartertothree.com

It is just not the poe-news banner, but all ads. And one of the major provider of ads, value click has been having issues recently. I have been told they are resolved, but we will see how that goes…

I have never gotten a popup myself, but i imagine it could happen. It is nothing evil, nor doing anything but showing a simple banner.

Of course you could always spice up the ad it eventually does show, by purchasing your very own QT3 banner
For your $20 you get roughly 140,000 page shows over 30 days, or a .14/cpm.


OHMIGOD I wasn’t freaking out at all I was just wondering why I was getting some weird pop up abut a sub domain I’d never heard of.

Yes it is great that people are concerned about spyware if more did it then i probably wouldn’t have to educate people and clean out their system every time I visit.

Also, my desktop is my business. How it would impress goth chicks on the internet is beyond me though. While I’m chatting to people on the internet I’ve never had “hey A/S/L pic of you and pic of your desktop k thx”. If you look closley there is actually hardley any black, instead that’s ‘shading’ for the red, the other colour is blue. Maybe you need to adjust your brightness or contrast settings. Everything currently open in my system tray is open for a reason and uses next to no rescources. here, I’ll name them for you so you can add them to my profile, seeing as it interests you so much.

Waste, MSN, AIM, LAN connection icon, ICQ, Internet Monthly Usage Icon, Steam , Mirc , Norton System works, Internet Connection Icon, Daemon Tools (for the Sims2 ), Audio tools and a pop up stopper.

Everyone else - thanks for the responces.
Xpav - Thank you especially for replying in my internet thread.

If you want to try consolidating all your IMs into a single interface, check out Trillian.

Or Miranda for a free multi-IM client.

What are you doing with one of those if you’re using Firefox?

What are you doing with one of those if you’re using Firefox?[/quote]

Can’t answer for him, but the pop-up blocker is broken in the new Firefox version 1 preview. It’s VERY annoying after many months of ad free surfing.

One of their nightly compiles apparently has it fixed, but I’m just not into downloading unstable cutting edge builds of software that’s still allegedly beta anyway.

It’s left over from when I was still using Internet Explorer I just leave it open because I usually forget it starts with windows.

You would thing that if it WAS evil, it would be on the portal of evil.