Squad - Midway Between Battlefield and ARMA

Hello fellow cardboard pusher

Been years since I pushed cardboard, really. I have a few games laying around, either the ones I didn’t sell for whatever reason or a handful that I acquired for some odd reason over the past twenty years (but of course never played). Just don’t have the patience for it any more.

I had forgotten about MEA.

But, I guess the reason why this isn’t jarring, as someone who plays the game, is that Russia has been there since day 1, as has the USA. They have just been adding in variants/complimentary factions to both sides since then.

Also, part of the VDV/PLN is in 2022 summer they added in amphibious maps, and this allows both redfor factions an “amphibious” variant. If you need an explanation as to why they added these factions in particular? it was to bring parity in the game and a faction similar to the USMC added in 2022.

Hmm, may just be the servers I frequent but I have never experienced any of that in Squad. Only the eye-rolling talk about needing medics to touch their butts when they need a revive.


Thinking about it some more, there is the occasional middle-eastern accent and “allahu akbar” but that is usually confined to the staging area waiting on the game to start.

Exactly. Lots of “jihad” chatter at mission start.

But if you are on well moderated servers those people don’t stick around.

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Squad 6.0, including the much-anticipated Infantry Combat Overhaul, is now live

Gah. Every time I download this with the desire to really explore it, I end up uninstalling it because every single server with a ping lower than 100 or 150 is full. Always full. To play I have to wait literally for a half hour sometimes, and that simply isn’t on the agenda these days.

I am definitely going to give this a try.

I booted this up last night. It looks and runs great, but apparently has no native controller support, which for me is a dealbreaker. I could get everything to work except for free look on the right stick. Unless someone knows how to do that, I’m out. I tried using mouse and keyboard and could feel my stomach getting queasy so I noped right out.

For a game that I know plays at a slower pace, I’m 99% sure that I’ll be more than fine with a controller, especially since I’m probably going to be infantry the entire time anyway (and realistically, I’d do better in any vehicle with a controller too…) so I don’t know why this is a thing, but I guess that’s how MilSims want to separate from things like Battlefield? I dunno?

Maybe I just couldn’t figure it out either, but from what I could find on the web you need extra utilities or something to make it work and even then the claim was “It’s not great.” Booooourns.

Forgot to mention that Post Scriptum was bought by Offworld, so it’s now called Squad 44.

Ah, that explains that then. Saw some stuff about it and was wondering, wait, is that a new game mode or what?

Post Scriptum was a cool name, but probably not the best idea. It sounds like a font instead of a WW2 shooter.

That it does. “Can we go with Baskerville here? The Post Scriptum is a bit too military for our product!”

I’m not sure “Squad 44” is a better name! Especially as you can play maps from 1940 in it.

Man, Squad in VR is a legit PTSD simulator

So who owns what now? Was Hell Let Loose the WW2 game from the Squad folks, or I guess they never had a WW2 game? I thought they had one going, but I guess maybe it was that Hell Let Loose and Post Scriptum were similar to Squad.

Speaking of which, Hell Let Loose just went on Gamepass.

But Post Scriptum was built on Offworld’s Squad engine, did okay but then the player base died. Offworld acquired it and rebranded it as Squad 44.

Hell Let Loose, while similar in mechanics, wasn’t a direct offshoot of Squad.

Yeah, “post scriptum” was the Squad WW2 game, now fully owned by Offworld.

Hell Let Loose is just very similar in ideology.