Squenix RPG to be on PS3 and 360

http://www.siliconera.com/index.php/2007/05/07/new-square-enix-rpg-the-last-remnant/ - Looks like slowly, but surely Japanese devs are seeing the 360 as a viable platform.

Yeah, I’m really curious to see who ends up in second place in the Japanese console market. Nintendo has first wrapped up at this point, but if the market over there continues its shun-age of Sony this gen (and Sony’s sales figures seem to get worse and worse each month over there), will they warm a bit more to the 360 as an alternative? Or will this just be an all Wii generation in Japan?

Seeing two 360 games (and no PS3 games) in the Japanese top 30 made me wonder.

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I’ve not done any development on the PS3, but pretty much if you’ve gone to the trouble of making a PS3 game or a Wii game already, the cost of porting it to the 360 is pretty small compared to the potential market share that it represents. This is why I think the 360 has pretty much already sewn up dominance for this console generation – in the long term it is guaranteed the best software support, and the games ultimately always determine the winner. I just don’t think first party software is enough to overcome that this days.

This made me laugh.

The Last Remnant will feature two characters who will appeal to each of the game’s audience; Rush (traditional Square-Enix hero) who will appeal to the Japanese gaming audience, and The Conqueror (dark/anti-hero) will appeal to the Western gaming audience.

Are Americans so dark and broody that we cheer for the bad guys?

Anti-heroes aren’t necessarily bad guys. And yes, people in North America are far more fond of anti-heroes.

Does that mean that one of the main characters won’t be an effeminate looking douche-bag?

Yeah, I think that’s what they meant.

I bet that The Conquerer, “a character we’ve never seen before in Squenix-RPGs!”, is basically a rip-off of Chrono Trigger’s Magus.


Hahaha, what a tool. “I thought that copy/pasting (yeah yeah, it’s print so he had to type it in oh noes) someone else’s article into my blog was ok! But no, the big bad corporation made me move it but I’m just working to keep information free, man!”

Ugh. Go internets.

EDIT: Yeah, the game looks interesting too.

Poster: http://www.destructoid.com/square-announces-the-last-remnant-because-they-don-t-make-enough-money-31387.phtml
Screenshots: http://www.destructoid.com/elephant/photos-m.phtml?post_key=31387

It’s definitely a sign that even companies like Square are looking to minimize their losses. First, it’s a UE3 game so they don’t have to spend as much in tech development. Second, it’s multi-platform, so they can almost double their potential user base.
It’s an interesting approach to have two different main characters in order to appeal to two different markets. You’d assume the actual content would need to be appealing as well.

The only requirement is that content needs to be addictive.

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They do have a point with the anti-hero idea. C’mon, who really didn’t think Magus wasn’t the coolest character in CT?

General Leo was a badass in FF6 as well. Shame he had to die so early :(

That anti-hero looks like he belongs in a circus, getting mauled by tigers.

Well he does have the gay sidekick already…

New trailer is up. Battle system looks great.

Heh. Anyone else think of ARENA! from that crappy G4 show?

Doesn’t look bad, but only got to see a second of combat before it switched to a new scene.