Squid Game (Netflix Original)

I watched season one of Squid Game and loved it. Korean drama/thriller with good dubbing. Intense and engaging. I went in blind and advise anyone else to do so as well and not watch the trailer. Conversion: 45,600,000,000 Won = 38,514,148.81 USD.

It’s got me hooked as well, can’t seem to get to bed.

Yes, thank you for bringing it to my attention. The first episode has me hooked!

Two episodes in and it’s really well done so far.

Was not expecting them to successfully vote to get out. Let them really hammer home how bad the situation is for the leads and give much more of a sense of who they are as human beings.

Is this a one season miniseries, or are more seasons planned?

I don’t want to start any new shows where I have to wait years and years for conclusion.

Oh good. I was going to watch with no reviews. Glad to see people like it.

I was getting an “Alice in Borderland” vibe. I actually really liked it as well if you have not seen it.

Wait, what is BAD dubbing? I had the complete opposite reaction of everyone here in that it seemed just terrible after 10 minutes or so. Will give it another shot though!

I don’t think most of us are watching it dubbed. I sure don’t ever pick dubs when I have a choice.

Yes, I am going to respectfully but vehemently disagree that it has good dubbing. Once the mother started talking, I gave up on it.

I’m riveted otherwise, though. Nearly halfway done after starting it last night.

Season 1 of Dark on Netflix was my last attempt at tolerating dubbing. Never again. It takes me completely out of the story.

It ends with a potential setup for a 2nd season; However, it completely wraps up the story line from season 1. Great show, good ending, I’m totally fine if they just leave it there and a 2nd season never happens.

There’s a number of manga series Squid game takes inspiration from (Kaiji, Liar Game,etc) …but I think its strongest influence has got to be Kami-sama no iu Tori.

Even the first ‘game’ is pretty much the same, as you can see from the clip.

Man, this really hooked me. Episode 6 was especially terrific. The along comes episode 7, which introduces a group of english speaking characters, whose acting is across-the-board manos-hands-of-fate level awful. And they’re given a lot of screen time. After being pretty intriguing for 6 episodes - mixing clever twists and surreal situations with characters responding in generally humanlike ways, they suddenly introduce this hugely cliched, incredibly badly written group of fat cat, scotch swilling richy rich villains. What a letdown. I don’t think I can push through two more episodes.

Maybe just pretend the show ends abruptly after episode 6…

Agreed that the voice acting of the rich dudes was awful, however stick through it as the show stays strong throughout.

Watched the first episode last night. Wife had no idea going in, really freaked out at the Red Light, Green Light game.

Did NOT turn on dubbed. I hate dubbed. The subtitles are fine.

I will definitely continue watching. Not sure the wife will.

Get a definite Bond-villain vibe from it.

Can’t argue any of that. It may just be that since I don’t speak Korean the other deliveries were as bad and I just can’t tell, but it was jarring.

Okay, episode 2 did NOT go where I expected.

Episode 3 did though.

Jeez. Episode 6 really fucked me up.

I thought one of the most interesting parts was the organ trafficking. It started out as a well-made Hunger Games/Battle Royale/etc. take, but somehow the idea that the organ thing was just a few greedy workers and was known by the leadership but tolerated because shit happens in any criminal enterprise was really fresh to me. It made the cackling inscrutable evil overlords all the more human, while also making their motivations all the less knowable.