Squirrel Girl coming to the Playstation 4! Also some other superheroes.


Does the game have stuff to do other than to hang out in midtown?


There are two other patrol zones, a couple raids, terminals (including new stories exclusive to terminals in a couple cases), danger room and sometimes Limbo. Probably more by now.


I’m one of them. Haven’t played since just before the changes. Although I did pop on to check them out. The thing is that Gaz was swearing up and down that the changes had nothing to do with a console port. Anyone with half a brain knew they were lying. Long time players like me just wanted them to acknowledge it. No way.


“Character[s] like Doctor Strange”


You have no idea. /Jeremy Irons

Marvel Heroes has stuff to do to a fault. It’s the sort of game where I’d suffer indecision paralysis whenever I booted it up.



Cool! It has been a while since I played, as you can guess. Thanks, Tom and Malkav!


It looks like the beta access is now available (on UK PSN anyway) with the purchase of a Founders Pack including some characters, skins, and fake currency. I love a good console ARPG, looking forward to getting to check out Victor Vran later this year, so will be checking this out at the weekend.


Looks like this is available in the US store also. How do you actually unlock more characters though? If I buy the Deadpool or Spider-man pack to get beta access, can I only play as that character? If I want to play with my wife, do we both have to play as that character? Looks like all progress will be reset once the beta’s over but it’d be fun to try out.


You seem to have access to all characters up to level 10, then you can unlock either with G currency (for $$$) or Eternity Splintrons which you seem to start with a bunch of and get randomly from defeated foes. I’ve got enough to unlock one more character in the small amount of play I’ve done today but I guess that is because I started out with some Eternity Splinters.
And yep, everything is reset after the beta and I guess you get back any G currency that you’ve spent.

Seems fine so far, I’ve experienced some lag and a couple of crashes, and the controller support is okay (inventory management has been a bit tricky but I think they just need to tweak the sensitivity).


Trying it out now, thanks! Hopefully couch co-op goes pretty smoothly also but it’s fun solo so far.



Is there any indication how long the beta goes?



I saw 5/15 on one site, then there’ll be an open beta at some point before release. Maybe they’ll let the open beta progress carry over?


I have read that progress will carry over from open beta to live.

Wife and I playing couch coop. Working well so far. She is running around as Phoenix.


But not from PC to console. Including purchases. Which means even if I had a current gen console I would absolutely not make the switch.


Right. Nothing accumulated on PC can be brought to console.

Wife and I played PC when we had 2 computers. One bit the dust and we quit playing. I jumped in for the BUE to check out the changes. Obvious prep for console.

Console version playing fairly well and has a nice interface. Coop uses one account with shared roster. Not sure if they will get coop with different accounts going. There are undocumented things such as some button usage and new crafting stuff.

Hopefully console will generate funds for further content on all platforms.


Does the console co-op feature split screen?


No. Both on same screen.


Just double checking, so if I buy into the beta, a friend can couch coop, but we both play using my account?

Since nothing is going to persist past the beta, I suppose the most important point to double check is, a single purchase on my PSN account will allow two players to playing simultaneously on the same PS4 to have fun playing together.


I bought the Spidey pack. Got 400 splinters and unlocked Storm. Wife and I play coop using those 2 characters.

After closed beta ends all progress is wiped ahead of open beta. I keep Spidey and 2nd costume. If I spend the 500G it is supposed to refund.

Will get a new 400ES to unlock another character such as Storm. Progress in open beta supposed to carry over to live.

People on the beta forum are asking about coop with each person using their own account but unclear if that will get implemented.

Also your friend will need a PSN full account. Not a sub account of yours. My wife’s account was initially a sub but I upgraded to a full.


The closed beta got a patch today with various tweaks and fixes. Open beta to start mid May.

Some of the PC regulars are on the new forums and there are some videos for some of the heroes.

Still having fun with couch co-op.