SSD is going bad

I am surrounded by boxes. I’m moving. Now my Corsair SSD decides to throw bad sectors. I let Win 7 64 run a fix. And so I’m online now.

Question: How long until my SSD gives up the ghost? Is it a continuous issue? Or does the windows fix give me more time? How fast does a SSD go bad?

Understand that it will be boxed up in three days.

Obviously take a backup, no matter what.

You could try to run a secure erase (a real secure erase, just deleting the partition won’t do it) but honestly I would just RMA it.

I’ve never had an SSD failure that wasn’t immediate and total (and I’ve only had one of those), but I’d do what Stusser says, pronto.


Mine were usually the result of the controller going bad (or at least that’s what the internets tell me), which is pretty much blue screen, reboot, no hard drive detected.

Bad sectors sounds almost like a manufacturing defect as the sectors shouldn’t wear down on a consumer SSD under normal usage conditions for many years. Weird!

I have a Corsair SSD that gave me a bluescreen and then wasn’t detected on reboot. Luckily rebooting again detected the SSD and a little digging on google told me that Corsair released a new firmware to fix the issue. Did the upgrade and haven’t had the problem since.

Bad sectors are a different issue though so I would definitely backup everything you hold dear as suggested above. That said I would do a little searching on Google and the Corsair forums. I wouldn’t bet on it fixing anything, but it’s worth a shot.

Bad sectors could also come from logical corruption, overheating, or a bad SATA cable. They would be detected and corrected in chkdsk.

Yeah, my OCZ had a sandforce panic state or something, and just stopped working at all until I did a secure erase, after which it worked perfectly again.

I hate Sandforce.

Frickin’ OCZ poison.

Ohnoes, a fixable issue. And ohnoes, below-average return rates with modern firmware. You buy Intel chips despite the repeated calculation bugs in them, right?


Bad sectors IME are one of two things - a bad SATA port/cable, or wear. If you’ve run a lot of data through one with something like benchmarks it IS possible to wear them out, but I’d start if possible by using a different SATA cable on a different port and see if that stops any more popping up.

If it IS wear, then it’ll keep going bad, yes.

secure erase, after which it worked perfectly again.

…you want to keep “fixing” it like that?

So you’re saying you don’t keep a mirror of your OS SSD backed up?

Having to “fix” a defective system drive repeatedly like that doesn’t inspire confidence in continuing to use it.

Once in 2 years is repeatedly?

are you going to keep using the same drive that has done that once on you?

Sure. It’s been good for about 6 months since the incident, I don’t have the money to gratuitously replace it, and I keep it backed up daily anyway.

I’ve had an OCZ SSD for over a year now with no problems, so this thread is basically scaring me. MUST NOT READ WARNINGS!*

*Have everything backed up in triplicate.

Every hard drive brand will fail for someone. It might be you. Back up your data!

Well, saying something like that is one sure-fire way to get it to fail, pronto. Did you at least knock on wood?


If you’ve been running fine for a year, you have nothing to worry about. They have a much higher than average failure rate, but yours was one of the good ones.

I wouldn’t apply firmware updates willy-nilly. If it ain’t broke etc.

SSD Corsair Force 3 120gb, bought in August 2011. Starting throwing errors in windows event list and problems with bad sectors. Just 3 months after warranty is over :P.

Errors started past week and I could recover it, but today it came again with a vengeance, and this time even made chkdsk from a Windows install disc to go ape, falling to a crawl in the first step of the checkup (it said it needed 70 hours lol)

So I just ordered a crucial mx100 256gb.