SSD Laptop reccomendations?

I’m looking for a new laptop that’s both high performance and has a SSD as its main storage device - similar to the new MacBook Air but I’d personally rather use Windows 7 than OS X.

Are there any other notebooks out there that I should consider? I’ve been looking at the Samsung Series 9 but I’d like one w/ a better video card if possible.

It just seems a bit pointless to buy the Air to bootcamp a Windows install on it :|

Check out the new Thinkpad X just about to be released.

The ultra-thin class will all use Sandy Bridge graphics this generation (on the Intel side) it looks like. You gain a lot in size (and usually a spindle) to get discrete graphics added. For my money, spindle-free is where it’s at.

Sony Z is very thin and has discrete graphics.

I’d go Sony Z. Or rather, I did go Sony Z. The screen is light years better than the X301’s LCD. The Z series has a RAID0/1 SSD, optical drive, hybrid graphics, i5 availability, and is nice and sleek.

I offer 2 more choices. The first is the Lenovo X220. The model being tested by engadget is an i5-2520 with a 7200rpm hard disk. You can pay extra at Lenovo’s site to get an i7, an SSD, and a better IPS LCD (although resolution remains 1366x768). Note that USB 3.0 is available to the x220 only with the i7 cpu upgrade. (makes no sense…) Also note the 3DMark score of 3517 for the x220, compared with 2240 for the Sammy series 9. Finally, the X220 has a displayport out, instead of an HDMI out. Oh, and look at its keyboard…

The second is the Toshiba Portege R835, which also has a configuration with the same i7 and SSD as the x220. Here’s a CNET Asia review with an i5 CPU. Comes with USB3, eSATA, HDMI out, SD card slot, and a DVD drive.

Personally I just ordered that R835 i7 128GB SSD yesterday. I can’t wait until I get my hands on it!

The X220 does look pretty awesome…just wish I could get a discrete graphics card instead :)