SSD noise? Intel 330

Just got around cloning SSD for my laptop, old one was Samsung 120G, new one is Intel 330 that I got on Cyber Monday.

Well, new SSD works. It is noticeably faster (to my surprise) but it makes barely audible noise when under heavy access. Sounds like HDD, but fainter.

SSD passed all tests, but why does it make noise? Bad drive?

There aren’t any moving parts. It’s probably actually coming from your PSU.

Yeah. An SSD has as much chance of making noise as your USB thumb drive.

Perhaps a fan is kicking in some where in the laptop.

Could be coil whine, if it’s very very faint. I doubt you can hear coil whine unless all the fans are off.

Is it possible that, in the process of installing the SSD, you moved a cable or something that might be coming into contact (ever so slightly) with a fan or other moving part?

I am thinking this must be capacitor noise or something. The only reason I noticed is because house is really empty and quiet right now.

Perhaps you can get a recording of this very quite noise and then run it through a tool to up the volume so you can hear it more clearly.

If it sound something like:“T Minus 12 days, 3 hours, 6 minutes 19 seconds and counting…” I would strongly suggest you ditch the drive ASAP and file a complaint with whomever you bought it as it is a TICKING TIME BOMB! RUN!!!