SSDs and laptops?

Hey all,

I’ve been running SSDs in my desktops for a few years now, so now that I’m picking up a new laptop I don’t think I can go back to a HDD. From reviews, it sounds like the laptop I’m purchasing has a spare bay for an additional hard drive. The specifications say that the drive interface is SATA. In a mobile device does this typically mean mSATA, or would it say that if that was the case?

I’m new to upgrading laptop hard drives and am unsure about the form factors for SSD. Do I need to get SSD specific for laptops, or does any SSD typically work? Any help for the laptop noob appreciated.

you can slot a 2.5" HD in there, which means a normal SSD would work. i recommend crucial m4.

Thanks, rei. According to Crucial’s site there should be no problem with the m4 in the model I’m getting. Time to ship another order from Newegg.

Just remember that if it’s not SATA 6GB/s, you won’t see the full speed from the SSD. Only pretty recent laptops would have that for their secondary hard drive bay - that one MAY have, but…check.

I’m pretty sure it’s SATA II (3 GB/s). Will double check to make sure when I get it, but that’s what I’m assuming. SATA III would be a pleasant surprise to say the least.

But the /main/ bay might be 6GB/s, depending. So it might be worth swapping the hard disk into the secondary slot :)

I did that recently for a friend.

Amazon is running 2 specials today for Kingston SSD’s

120 gigs for 80.00 and 240 for 170.00.

Not sure if they are any good but they claim to be 65% or so off msrp.

The samsung 830 deal I posted in the other SSD thread is better.

Doh, didn’t see the other thread.

I’ll keep an eye on that, thanks! From what I understand it’s a new model of laptop, so maybe I’ll get lucky. I can’t find the detailed interface specification anywhere online, so I’m just going to have to take a look at it myself as soon as it arrives.

Amazon seems to have both the Crucial m4 and the Agility 4 512 GB versions for under$400.