Stable Diffusion (like Dall-E but open source and better)

Stable Diffusion now has a public release. One of the problems (or looked at another way, security features) of past AI image generator models is that they are tightly controlled by the companies that created them. You either get very low-res versions of the models for free (e.g. DALL-E mini) or tight restrictions over the number of images (e.g. midjourney).

Stable diffusion is open source and there are no restrictions/limitations on its use. Of course, the downside is you need to run the model locally and flex that GPU. But since this is a gaming forum, I doubt that will be an issue for many people here!


Website post:

Installation guide that I used (disclaimer: I don’t know the author and use at your own risk, but all looks fine to me):

Once I get it working I will start posting some examples here…

Here is a link that gives you some ideas of prompts and how they affect the image with stable diffusion:

So, the real question - does this new method allow for the nsfw outputs, or not?

My friend, who has tried such things, says yes it does.

My friend says excellent