Stable webspace

I know there are lots of sites that will host your webpage for you. What I was wondering is which ones were most stable. Which ones allow you to easily upload your page, especially if you have to make changes to it often? Are any of the good ones free? What do the people around here use for webspace?

Dig it. You can get a domain name for like $7 and a year’s worth of web hosting for ~$80. The free ones typically put ads on your site, which I don’t care for.

Furthermore, in the time I’ve had my site hosted with POE, it’s gone down maybe… three times total, for about an hour, in the dead of night, for maintenance. But don’t take my word for it; look at how little downtime qt3 has.

Plus, Chet’s a cool guy, and I like supporting small businesses run by cool guys.

Edit for context that I forgot to include: I’ve had my site hosted with POE for about a year and a half.

Yep another Poehosting vote here. I am using their Plan#1 for my website and it is still costing me far less than local webhosting services.

What if I already have a registered domain name, but I want to move it. Is that possible? See, I already have a webservice hosting my site (well, it’s my wife’s but I use it too). However, they haven’t billed me in a few months. That concerns me a bit. Of course, the site is still there and I can still ftp to it. Plus I am getting it for free. But I want to be able to put the URL on flyers and such. So, if I have to move it, can I take the domain name with me over to poe?


Another great webhost to check out is Stability-wise, you can’t beat them. You can transfer domain names to (I think you get a free year added on when you transfer). Been with pair going 4+ years now. Big sites (ie Tom’s Hardware) are hosted there, too.


Burn me too. I also host with I would probably get a little more for the money with poehosting, but I don’t use perl or tcl so I have no real incentive to move all my shit to a different host.

Robert, are you really double-plus sure that your ISP doesn’t provide a webspace? My ISP does and I’m quite happy with it. I can’t do any server-side scripting but I don’t feel I need that anyway.

Most ISP’s don’t provide webspace these days. The one I work for does, but no scripting, no databases, and no domain names, which is more or less standard among those that still give it away. It’s great for storing images and stuff, but if you’re setting up a site… poe is cheap enough that it really is worth it over ISP free space, even if you aren’t scripting.

Yeh set me on fire while you’re at it. I use … just have a look around and see which hosts offer you what you want.

I use Hostway. I’ve had it for a few years, and haven’t had any problems, but then again, haven’t really checked to see if my website ever goes down.

LOL! Sorry, was just trying to be helpful. Should have picked up on the unusual amount of poehosting vs nothing else votes. :)


*Not me, I don’t use poehosting. Or any hosting for that matter.

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I use Server Central for web hosting. I’ve only been there a couple of months but their administrative tools kick the ass. A few larger sites such as Ars Technica and Stile Project host there also.

Hey Chet, what’s your policy on BitTorrent trackers on sites hosted by POE Hosting?

I’m curious because a friend of mine is looking for a new host and it seems like every one he’s approached has flat out told him that BT trackers are against their terms of service. Though it seems that many don’t specifically state that trackers aren’t allowed, but are assuming that he’ll be facilitating in the transfer of copyrighted materials.

He’s got a site dedicated to funny/off-the-wall, out-of-context media clips from public domain sources that he wants to host, but doesn’t want to have to eat all the bandwidth costs, so he’s looking for BT as an alternative.

As long as it doesn’t stress the server or carry copyright protected items, it is fine.

The misunderstanding by hosts is scary. On WHT people were demonizing torrents and just assuming they were all infringing and no amount of logic would change their mind.