Stadia - Google's vision for the future of gaming

Wait, what? Amazon has a game studio? And they released something? Maybe I’m not reading as much game news as I thought.

Yes there’s, ahem, even a thread about it!

Heh, and that thread is from 2016. The Game Studio itself was founded almost eight years ago and has been covering itself in glory ever since.

I’m not sure Stadia overpromised. What they promised wasn’t very enticing. Definitely underdelivered though.

You’re right - there was a thread! I totally missed that one; I guess maybe at my age I have MOBAphobia and no longer it a game category within which I can participate.

Sadly, discourse search is often responsible for missing obvious matches like this. So blame the search function and nobody will know if it was really you!

I used to be a big proponent of cloud gaming back in the day because I couldn’t afford a nice pc. I was on the OnLive train 10 years ago which technically was far worse, latency and picture quality wise.

However, as I have gotten older, I can afford all of the consoles and a gaming rig; I don’t have use for cloud gaming other than trying out games really quickly. I have multiple subs (Humble, Origin Access, Gamepass, etc) so I am drowning in games.

One of my friends did convince me to sign up for Stadia with buddy pass and I have kept the $10 month sub going. It is nice to try out titles on Stadia, but I would never buy or complete a game on there unless I had to.

I think Google did overpromise when it came to latency (negative latency BS), but it has the lowest overall latency of the cloud streaming services if you cannot run games over 60fps. Running games at 120fps and higher in the cloud will significantly lower it, but I can do that on my home rig. The only good thing that I really like is the instant loading and lack of waiting for downloads.

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Shocking no one posted this, 10$ off any game on Stadia.

If anyone is holding out they just cut $30 off the unit price if that helps.

Has anyone checked out the service recently? I played around with it a bit more recently and it seems to have improved quite a bit since the initial launch.

My main use case (playing some games while on business trips) basically went away so I doubt I’d be a regular user in the near future, but good to see that they’re continuing to invest into the service.

Eh, sort of. They dropped the 3 months of Pro from the package at the same time making it a wash. And with them opening up access to anyone who wants in the value proposition now is: Do you need a controller and a Chromecast and is the controller good enough to be worth $40?

i haven’t read anything about the controller, so maybe it is. However I am… skeptical, at best.

Stadia regardless of the tech working or not is going nowhere because of its anemic library that has barely increased in 6+ months. Frankly they could just send this in the mail to me for free and I wouldn’t really care.

I got that email yesterday which is weird, because it says ‘As a new Stadia Pro member, you get $10 off a game!’ but I’m not a Stadia Pro member. At least I don’t think I am, doesn’t that cost money?

There’s a free trial for Stadia Pro these days. (Which, confusingly, is different from the free base tier of Stadia). Maybe you signed up for the trial and forgot about it?

That got me wondering so I headed over to the Stadia site and signed up, went through the process of setting up an account, and at the end I was asked if I wanted to sign up for a Stadia Pro trial which I declined. So, I don’t know what happened there, maybe it’s just a boilerplate email they send out to random folks.

I got an email that said I get $10 off a stadia game because I have YouTube premium I think. I did trial stadia before it was called stadia but otherwise haven’t signed up for it ever.

I got the same email. I signed up for the premium edition when it was announced but then cancelled. So I think they’re just emailing their whole list.