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Is there some magic I need to do to get the Stadia controller to work for non-Stadia games?

I got a freebie when I bought Cyberpunk, but it’s been in the drawer ever since because I couldn’t get it to do anything outside of Stadia.

Supposedly you add it in Steam and it just works.

Outside of Steam it also pretty much just works (so you may need an updated firmware), but the triggers aren’t analog, so they’re either on or off. This program maps it to an X360 controller and makes it work flawlessly outside Steam.

Just a warning, but that’s a big deal for some games.

Yeah, what a terrible decision. So you basically can’t use it for racing games at all I guess. Or open world games where you drive vehicles.

But it does recreate that driving with mouse and keyboard experience!

You can’t use it unless a) those games are in Steam or b) you run that program I linked to fix it.

Wait wait wait, triggers can be analog??? THAT is why Forza Horizon mapped acceleration to trigger and I thought it is completely boneheaded (if acceleration is mapped to a digital button, then it does not allow gentle tapping to give gentle acceleration). But given analog trigger, the mapping scheme makes sense.

Naturally my ancient Logitech trigger is digital not analog. Time to invest in a new controller. :-/

Yeah, digital trigger is the work of the devil.

Good lord, man! Driving games are awful without analog triggers.

I always remap accel and brake to the right analogue stick.

Got my cheapo Stadia premiere edition. Lovely high-quality packaging, hardware feels good. Manufacture date September 2019, so they aren’t exactly flying off the shelves.

$22 for a PC gamepad is very reasonable for this hardware.

New with pro soon:

  • Bloodstained Ritual of Night
  • Darkside Detective 2
  • Darksiders 3
  • DreamWorks Dragons: Dawn of the New Riders
  • Shantae Risky Revenge

This guy simps for the Intellivision Amico too. Doomed platforms on 3 fronts.


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