Stadia - Google's vision for the future of gaming

This guy simps for the Intellivision Amico too. Doomed platforms on 3 fronts.


Is that Zune? I don’t recognize it.

Looks like you do recognize it!

Ha, I looked at it sideways a little and said “Maybe that’s a Z?”

Well, there’s certainly a lot of canvas. Is that Angry Joe?

That man needs some sun.

And an iPod.

It’s like the best scene in GOG

Google is trying to salvage the underlying technology, which is capable of broadcasting high-definition games over the cloud with low latency, shopping the technology to partners under a new name: Google Stream. (Stadia was known in development as “Project Stream.”)

The Stadia consumer platform, meanwhile, has been deprioritized within Google, insiders said, with a reduced interest in negotiating blockbuster third-party titles. The focus of leadership is now on securing business deals for Stream, people involved in those conversations said. The changes demonstrate a strategic shift in how Google, which has invested heavily in cloud services, sees its gaming ambitions.

Peloton just streams video, doesn’t it? Does it need to be low-latency and realtime like games?

I hope Jon Scarr doesn’t regret his tattoo!

No regerts!

Check back in another 3 weeks!

The tech is solid so makes sense they’d want to shop it - but who needs it for gaming? Maybe Sony? Someone like Netflix who’s willing to go to court in a way Nvidia wasn’t with GFE? I could potentially see Epic or Valve dipping their toes in on a service like that if they want the headache that goes with it.


Stadia was, as far as I can recall, unique for Google in that it was obviously a loser the moment they announced the monetization and lineup. Usually there’s some reasonable debate to be had, but with Stadia not so much. They priced it like it needed to make a profit on day 1.

I assume this allows it to turn Pelotons into those dynamic biking adventure things a lot of indoor bikes have, so you can pretend you are biking in the mountains or w/e.

Is it mandatory for projects at Google to have the lamest names ever?

Awww, a final embrace for dying heroes before the end.

Sony owns the Gaikai tech already