Stadia - Google's vision for the future of gaming

Sure, but it’s also possible that the people running social media and marketing didn’t even know at the time that the end was nigh.

Oh I’m sure they didn’t. It’s possible even Harrison didn’t know. As a consumer, I don’t give a crap whether some marketing peon was aware. Someone at Google knew, and in the end Google lied.

Hopefully these Stadia-exclusive games will find a different home.

I feel like that headline is missing a “that” between “now” and “Stadia.”

Edit: This is my question as well:

The way they phrased it is a thing in British! For real.

Poor headline. You can already use them on PC, they just need to be plugged-in. What people want is for Google to allow the bluetooth functionality.

I thought bluetooth controllers have latency problems? Wouldn’t people rather plug in the controllers for their PC, or else use dedicated wireless stuff like 360 or xbox one or ps4 adapters?

This makes me want to play Elden Ring with a bluetooth XBox controller so I have a valid excuse as to why I die all the time when fighting tough mobs!

Hardcore gamers often say so, but I never noticed any problems myself. It’s one of those things.

Some poor indie studio finished their Stadia port yesterday.

I wonder about the adaptability of these Stadia ports. Now would be an opportunity for Nvidia Shield or Microsoft to make a grand gesture to indie developers to come on over. Or even someone off the wall, like Netflix.

YC hacker news crowd is blaming Google’s performance management culture where engineers are rewarded by how many new products they ship.

I hope those games are successfully ported elsewhere, but I’m also grateful it’s such a short list.

Google spent so much money bribingencouraging Rockstar to port Red Dead 2 they didn’t have much left for the indies.

If an unproven platform requires engineering to sell your game, make them pay you for it, with a markup. Assume that what they pay you is 99% of the revenue that you will get from that platform.

It’s even stranger how some indie port terms weren’t due to pay out until after the game launched making all their porting effort unpaid

Who could possibly have foreseen that Stadia was hot garbage and would be shut down by a company that has a long history of shutting shit down?

I hope Google quickly reallocates these freed-up resources to bringing back Google Reader.