Stadia - Google's vision for the future of gaming

Heh, just makes me think of this, which remains on fairly heavy rotation on my Spotify:

Has Google actually announced any exclusives? I didn’t think they did.

Also Google started a first-party studio led by Jade Raymond and their games will certainly be exclusive to the service.

Those evil bastards.


Honestly I’m not sure if 1 billion of investment is that much for what Google is promising with Stadia.

The custom gaming hardware they’re deploying to their datacenters cannot come cheap. Each server instance will be running on hardware which could easily cost Google over $1,000 with scale discounts even with a sweet deal with AMD. Server-class CPUs and high-end GPUs robust enough to run in a datacenter, and server class memory + SSDs which need to live far longer than ordinary consumer parts don’t come cheap.

At $1000/blade, if they deployed 250,000 across all of their datacenters put together, they’ve already spent a quarter billion dollars purely on parts.

Then there are the people costs (both engineers building the product + people working in the datacenters supporting the hardware), the costs to run the hardware (cooling/power) and deliver the content, the costs for the 3rd-party content and licensing, and then add in the new studio they’re building.

It would be very easy for Google to have already spent well over $1 billion on Stadia

That comic was stupid the first time it was posted.

That’s a nice website. I like the layout and the font. It’s very pleasing to the eye.

I suppose you linked those articles as some sort of response but this thread has already been there. You’re late to the party.

Are those Ben & Jerry flavors? I wonder what flavor Cool Britannia was.

I think we should all be frequently reminded that Google’s stance on change and dropping services is not at all consumer / customer friendly, but there is still room to like Google.

Cool Britannia

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Doesn’t every tech company drop services though? Seems a bit weird to keep using that as a primary reason to hate on Stadia when you can create similar lists for Microsoft, Sony, etc.

I’m still mourning the loss of Creative Writer.

Google being behind Stadia is not a primary reason for me being cautious with Stadia. I don’t hate the idea of Stadia. I am currently cautious due to exclusives, and fully against exclusives outside of first party type arrangements in general… and even then I don’t like it.

It was great, second only to the (unfortunately branded) Dilbert Totally Nuts, which was easily my favorite B&J flavor of all time and is conspicuously absent from the graveyard cartoon.