Stadia - Google's vision for the future of gaming


Many phone games (e.g. just about anything that’s “build and defend a base”) are in some sense already streamed, in that all game mechanics are executed on the server, not on the device.

But even those games use the device to render the graphics, because, y’know, graphics hardware is cheap and widely available. Your smartphone has the graphics power right there, might as well use it.


Well, we’ve seen lobbying from Time Warner (Spectrum) and Comcast in many areas that push back against cities like Chatanooga that try to get their own town connected via high speed broadband. That’s just one example. They lobby lawmakers all the time to change the definition of what constitutes broadband, things like that. It would actually be nice if companies like Google, EA, Activision would lobby on the opposing side of some of those issues, to push lawmakers in Washington for higher speeds and greater connectivity.


This is true. I believe Verizon FiOS (in the US) gives you equal upload and download, so if this feature is important to you, it may be worthwhile to switch from cable – especially since it’s free with Steam.


Good points.


My fiber (through a regional provider) is also synchronous (and cheap, and super-solid, and fast as hell). And I still don’t really want to stream games :D

  1. I don’t have a gaming pc so unfortunately that won’t work for me.

  2. my download rates are super fast with low latency, but my upload is terrible. So I’d be able to stream from a data center much more reliably most likely

  3. streaming from home in general is likely to introduce far more latency than a dedicated streaming service from google/aws/azure which is optimized for low latency, since home connections will generally go through many more hops between endpoints


We’ve got logos and (empty) hardware stations at Google’s GDC space.




“On my planet, it means streaming.”


I feel like they had a meeting with a designer and (s)he went “Ok, I’m thinking maybe the logo could be something like…” *makes an S swish* “…this”

And the execs say, “Yeah, I like that. Ok. That’s good.”

And (s)he then goes “And we could add a little character, or use a cool font, let’s do some drop shadows and color and…” *adds a little gradient to demonstrate*

And they interrupt, “No, that’s good. Save that file. Let’s ship it.”


Not quite- they did add a gradient!


The designer quickly added that while discussing other things they could do, and then didn’t hit undo before they saved. :D

I’ll edit and add to the post above.


Google Wave is back, baby!


Google Wave S+ Rank Megapoint Bonus Unlock!



Stadia, huh.


Looks like it’s at least a controller with a streaming service.


So Stadia… Stadium?

Edit: Stadia is another way of saying Stadiums.

I wasn’t expecting all that stuff about youtubers. Not what I’m looking for in a console.



What’s going on? Is it pretty close to what Kotaku said to expect yesterday?