Stadia - Google's vision for the future of gaming

All these timed exclusives lately have been a godsend for my backlog. I’ve been having a blast replaying Fallout 4 this summer, getting deeper into the game than previously.

That’s a very nice succinct, non bullshitty statement. Well done.

…is that all it takes to avoid the wrath of the Exclusive Army? You just tell everyone you got fat sacks of cash and hired people and now the game exists but you can only play it on one platform?

Well, certainly “the game wouldn’t even exist if not for this” is a little different than “we took this game that was going to exist for sure off the platform you were anticipating” but also Stadia not having released yet means there are no “it’s not as good as [platform]” arguments yet to help fuel that fire.

Give it time. ;)

Very much this is true.

But also very much this too. Stadia is a hypothetical store, one that has yet to truly disappoint. Also once people realize that Google has a history of dropping projects/ platforms and real games start getting linked to an ephemeral service?

Yeah, the heat will go up.

I’d say that so far, it’s a matter of this being more of a publishing deal than a last minute cash grab, and the fact that it’s just one. Quantity matters. I can understand a few exclusives as being reasonable, especially if they’re funded from the very beginning. Grabbing every big game that comes up is not acceptable. Doing it with crowdfunded games that have been paid for by gamers is even worse IMO. In general though, I consider all exclusives to be bad for the consumer.

Another point is that Stadia isn’t exactly a PC platform. It’s closer to a console in how closed off it is. Not that I consider that a great excuse either.

This isn’t the only announced Stadia exclusive. There is also Get Packed from new studio Moonshine. I think it’s a Cooking Mama style game.

There are likely going to be a lot of games on Stadia that do not feature KB&M support, IMO, including games never destined for mobile.


It begins. That sucks.

Well they have just gone to goddamn far now!

This is true. Google, if you touch that exclusive button one more time, I swear I’m turning this car around!

I don’t care about Stadia exclusives because Stadia won’t work as advertised for the games I’d want to play on it anyway.

I was reading this thread bottom-up, and got all excited that there was a new OMD game coming. Then I realized I was thinking OMF (One Must Fall). Now I’m sad and I’m pretty sure it is Stadia’s fault.

Orcs Must Die 2 is a really fun game. I actually like it better than Dungeon Defenders. OMD capped at 2 players though, and both series went in weird directions.

1 and 2 are both outstanding, in my opinion - up there with the Sanctum series in terms of great action/tower-defense games. I’ve been wishing for a proper sequel forever, but if it’s a Stadia exclusive I’ll pass.

OMD1 was the superior game I think, simply due to stronger physics traps. While OMD2 brought multiplayer and a ton of QOL, the reduced capacity to punt orcs all over the place was a great disappointment.

I was always disappointed that Orcs Must Die expected me to kill a significant portion of the hordes myself. I just want my Rube Goldberg of death to run smoothly. I think Dungeon Warfare might provide some of that, but I haven’t played it.

I wonder who even owns that IP anymore. I’m the weirdo who even loved the 3d one.

You could be right, but I only play these kind of games MP. There is almost zero chance for me to play this type of game SP. I don’t know too many people who liked the 3rd one though, regardless of how they play. I just wanted to point out 2 was good, from experience. If 1 was good, well all the better for others.

I’m still surprised OMD F2P Edition Which Was A Super Good Idea Obviously didn’t kill Robot entirely.

Super glad it didn’t, and looking forward to OMD3 whenever it arrives on a platform I am engaged on.