Stadia - Google's vision for the future of gaming

Really? That’s about 47 years of GamePass :(

That’s the only way to get at Stadia this year. Supposedly next year they’ll roll out other ways to access, including a free tier.

If I had to guess it would be 2 things:

  1. The interface for “how do I connect my stadia controller to my wifi” isn’t complete across all platforms
  2. They had to make that interface possible on the chromecast ultra because maybe it’s not powerful enough to read and pass along inputs (much higher data stream than the remote).

With the bundle, you’re basically paying for the controller, the Chromecast Ultra, and the privilege of being a guinea pig. Oh, and you get to stream Destiny 2 for a couple of months.

The gamepad and chromecast ultra normally cost $70 each so if you needed either one it isn’t a bad deal, really. Thing is, Stadia will be usable with whatever gamepad you already own alongside any mobile, androidTV, chromecast, or desktop web browser. Just not in November.

On a side note, holy crap, the chromecast costs $70? That’s insane in 2019 when you can get a full-on fairly high-end streaming stick with a remote control for less.

Understood. Thanks for the clarity.

Truth. My most used features on my Roku Ultra: headphone port on the remote and voice search through the remote. Having those and all my streaming services integrated into one snappy and easy-to-use device is worth $80 to me. Chromecast Ultra offers… 4k streaming? And that’s it? So does the Roku.

These guys are still hawking founders editions a month after saying they were sold out.

All I see is an announcement that they were “almost sold out” in some countries…

Not directly relevent anymore, but a good non-technical explanation of what rollback prediction actually is doing in fighting games popped up on Ars

Also shows how its completely irrelevant to any implementation Stadia would need to create, which would also need be game(engine)-dependent

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I tend to pronounce both words the same.

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That’s ridiculous.

They were unable to manufacture enough hardware to deliver to everybody on-time, but they do say nothing will be delayed more than 2 weeks. It’s regrettable but I don’t know about “ridiculous”.

I literally don’t know what Stadia is despite searching it and reading this thread, and being a PC gamer relatively plugged in to the industry. This does not bode well for Google.

(E.g. will it work on my PC? My TV? My existing controllers? Is it a free service and I buy the games? How much are games? Are any free?)

Unless it offers an incredible free experience that works awesome with my existing hardware, like Epic Games does, I see this going nowhere to be honest.

At launch it requires a Chromecast Ultra and Google’s custom gamepad, but in the relatively near future it will run on pretty much anything with any gamepad.

At launch it requires a paid subscription, which includes free games like Xbox Live. Later on you won’t have to subscribe, you just buy games at full price and play them on the service.