Stadia - Google's vision for the future of gaming

Note: they’re still shipping Chromecast Ultras for this, not the new Chromecast with Google TV.

This could change everything!

Narrator: It didn’t

It’s astonishing they took so long to get it on their own platform.

It would be astonishing, if this weren’t Google, and Stadia.

My brother’s was just used for free. It activates as a three month trial / 0$ charge.

The next couple hours is a good time if anyone still has one.

June 30 is your last chance to grab Steamworld Dig , Ary & Secret of Seasons , SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom , PIKUNIKU , and Resident Evil 7: biohazard for free with Stadia Pro.

Next up is…

Moonlighter, Street Power Football, Terraria , and The Darkside Detective

I just tried it again.

It still gives me this message:


Hit Continue!

I do, it takes me back to Stadia’s Home page. Not being a Pro member, just a regular member. If I try to claim any Pro games, it gives me a choice of joining Stadia for $9.99.

That’s weird. It asked us for a credit card after that pop up window.

Maybe your brother hadn’t used the free trial period of Stadio Pro before? Back when I signed up, I used up the free trial period back then. If you’re in the free trial period, you have Stadia Pro, and can therefore redeem codes.

He used the free trial last year.

There was nothing to pay with already on the google account though.

Also, the RE7 expiring tonight is the “Gold” edition with the season pass. He was disappointed Jedi Fallen Order was already gone. They just added it last month! I’m going to have to introduce him to game pass later. :)

Next week with pro:

  • Epistory Typing Chronicles
  • Grime
  • It Came from Space
  • Killer Queen Black
  • Valkyria Chronicles 4

Grime is a brand new action-platform game with great weird art.

I upgraded my internet to 300gb fibre a couple weeks ago. Crew 2 still played horribly, but everything else is ok/great. A few games I have on xCloud too work better for me now on Stadia.

I’ve been so-so on the Stadia/xCloud performance, but I’ve been using it with WiFi. Finally bit the bullet and plunked down a big stonkin’ $9 on a 25 foot ethernet cable to plug my desktop to the router…turns out that makes a huge difference in the bandwidth (fast and speedtest reported like 5-10x higher numbers from 50-100 now all the way up to my full 500mb) and got rid of most of the chunkiness and stuttering - there’s some minor visual things where I notice a frame dropped here or there. Maybe that means a better wifi router might have also worked.

I do like that Stadia has mouse/keyboard support though (xcloud is only controller), but looks like I missed the summers sale?

Wifi inherently has to deal with lots of error correction which is why it always feels worse for streaming games, or playing fighting games online.

I knew there was a performance hit for using WiFi, but I always figured it was just my home’s connection to the internet that was flaky since it was well below the theoretical wifi max. To compare, right now rates the cable at about 300 Mbps and when I just unplugged I got 57 Mbps. I was thinking like 10% overhead, rather than 80% overhead…it’s hilariously easily the most performance boosting piece of hardware I’ve bought in years (and for the price probably the best tech upgrade ever). I feel pretty dumb for not doing this earlier.

The other side is that trying to sell it as “10Mbps is enough for Stadia” gives a bit of a false impression. That 57Mbps gives the same green light “you’re good for high performance Stadia streaming” as when I try it wired. For me I would say that it instead works enough to give me a bad impression “C+” review of high performance Stadia streaming, whereas on wired ethernet it’s easily “B+” or maybe “A-” level.

New with pro next week:

  • Darksiders 2
  • Little Big Workshop
  • Wave Break

No relation to other Little Big games.

Wave Break is the world’s first skateBOATING game, inspired by arcade skateboarding classics. Grind, grab, kickflip and shoot your way through an explosive 80s crime-filled Miami Vice themed world.

Last chance:

  • Blue Fire
  • Chronos
  • Gunsport

There’s also a dollar Ubisoft+ thing that can be used with Stadia. Only the newest 20 or so games are supported. Some people have accidentally charged themselves 15$ though so be careful if anyone is interested.