Stalin tried to take out the Duke?

Apparently Joseph Stalin put a hit on John Wayne back in the day…Here is the link on the story

Stalin Story

What’s wild is that the Duke was apparently saved by Kruschev (sp?), who was apparently a big fan. He cancelled all the assasination plans after Stalin died.

So just what is the source of this “Stalin tried to kill John Wayne” stuff? A story allegedly told to an author by Orson Welles, at a dinner party 20 years ago. That certainly justifies trumpeting it around the world, AOL. Seems to me that anybody who found a way to kill Trotsky shouldn’t have had too much trouble killing an actor, but even responding to the story is to give it more credence than it deserves. The Guardian, of all places, could show a little more circumspection.

   And listen to this crap: “Wayne then relied upon a group of loyal stuntmen who infiltrated communist cells in America and learned of plots to kill him. ‘He then gathered all the stuntmen, went to the communist meetings, and had a huge fight,’ Mr Munn said. This was when Wayne believes Mr Canutt saved his life.” Oh, I believe that too, even though it sounds a lot like a “Batman” episode from when I was in kindergarten.
   Oh wait, there’s more. “Wayne also told Mr Munn about an attempt to kill him by an enemy sniper while he was visiting the troops in Vietnam in 1966. ‘One of the snipers was captured,’ said Mr Munn, ‘and said there was a price on John’s head, put there by [China’s communist leader] Mao Tse Tung.’” And Jane Fonda, or at least that’s what Welles told me at a dinner party…

Heh, heh. I’ve been duked, er, duped!