Stalin vs. the martians!



The game looks a little umm…

Yes, it feels like a lot more work went into animating the dancing Stalin than the game itself.

Anyway, if there is ever an expansion pack it needs to involve Santa Clause.


Any input from Phil_Stein on this?

Stalin dancing seems very Tropico-esque.

Man, despite the trailer…this looks like a maybe… if it’s a budget title. I’m hoping it has a little more strategic depth than what is shown in here though. Just throwing tanks and troops at animated Toy Story aliens isnt going to be enough for me.

Available for pre-order on Steam, Impulse and Gamersgate.

Who will take one for the team and take the plunge? :)

Pre-ordered on steam. I feel dirty.

You make me proud son! :)

LOL…it’s all you Chumpface. One of my team has also preorded, but I swear he just collects bad games.

I was close to pre-order myself but I did already with “Zeno Clash” a while back. Turned out that is a winner so I doubt I have luck again… ;)

Thematically this seems custom-made for you. :)

Wait…is Stalin supposed to be funny? Seriously?

I guess this is what results when you don’t teach history in schools.

56 years is too soon?

Game looks interesting…but Stalin, really? I find it hard to associate him being being funny - he was not a very nice man, or thats what my UK history degree taught me!

Im guessing they are going for a few oddity shock sales?

What next Hitler vs Sesame street?

Stalin was not funny, but without him, you might well be speaking German.

I’m tired of the whole played-out red stars, faux-Cyrillic fonts, Communist-propaganda-poster style in video game stuff. If I felt they really understood what they were referencing, it might be different. But I don’t think they do. It’s just cute and trendy to them.

Sure, during the war, there were political cartoons in the newspapers of Hitler and Stalin doing all kinds of nonsensical stuff, but they were making a political point. This isn’t, not from what I can see. They just thought it would be cute to plug the Ally McBeal dancing baby mo-cap into Stalin.

And my husband’s grandfather died in one of Stalin’s gulags. Of dysentery. Just like in “Oregon Trail”.

Well put.

That said, I so want to play this game:

and so have no interest in playing this game:


For the record, I totally agree with you.


The game itself looks cute. But if you’re going to do a silly alt-history, why not get a little more creative? Say, there’s a sudden alien attack during the big USO show and the celebrities* have to take over a battalion of tanks and lead them against the Martians? That way, you could have an awesome swing music soundtrack. And Esther-Williams-style choreography, but IN TANKS.

*not the real ones, of course, for legal reasons – but, you know, Bob Schmope, Marilyn Schmonroe, and the Schmandrews Sisters