STALKER is actually shipping in less than 3 months?

Already got a review in one of the print mags over here and scored a 90 out of 100.


Funny you should mention this.
I’ve recently started playing Half Life 2, and in it, there are varied guns that use different ammo.
Of course my favorite is the .357 Magnum, and surprise surprise, the ammo for it is very limited.
As opposed to the 9mm ammo that is so plentiful that it generally is left behind.

Ammo should recharge like health.

Gone gold! Holy crap!

— Alan

But it can’t be denied that using a single ammo type instead of many saved them a huge amount of effort. Besides which, calling someone lazy is much less insulting than calling them stupid.

I am shocked. Both that’s it’s actually gone gold and that it might actually be good.

Nah, lazy is worse. You can’t help being stupid, but a bit of effort will overcome the laziness.

I believe this just might be a day one purchase for me.

Also: we’re getting to the point where we need a corruption of “English” that indicates butchered translation from Russian. Like “Engrish” but all russkied up.




Same. This has gone from being completley off my radar (for good reason) to being one of my most anticipated games in very short order. I’ll be picking it up as soon as it’s available.


If anyone’s looking for preorders out there, be aware that GoGamer’s version is CD, but Outpost (Fry’s) is DVD for a scant 5 bucks more. There’s bonus stuff with the DVD version as well.

The new issue of PC Gamer came in the mail for me and had a booger-stickied two page glossy cover ad for STALKER.

Hey! Don’t get me wrong, I was just pointing out one of the many obviously bad decisions that made Deus Ex2 the chronically flawed joke it became.

And I don’t think it’s unfair in the least to call Harvey Smith a bad designer. He created a miserable failure of a game. And he made the call on every one of those bad design decisions. Everyone knew what made Deus Ex a great game… yet every decision he made took a blatant step backwards against it. What does that make him? A veritable Sid Meier?

Regardless, I’m looking forward to STALKER. I had almost zero hope for it 6 months ago, but everything I’m reading and hearing is fairly positive. I’m not expecting Deus Ex 3 (!), but I’d like to be somewhat surprised.

“Lazy” implies open malice. Making a wrong call doesn’t.


That’s exactly why it’s better to be lazy than stupid, because laziness can be overcome.

Clarke called it Rushlish in 2010.

The very first suggestion, englyish, makes by far the most sense to me. I mean… It’s not called Japlish. I don’t understand why people are trying to put “Russian” in there instead of pronouncing the word with a silly eastern-european accent.

edit: credit to Pishtaco for the original suggestion

I really liked the way Star Rangers 2 explained it in the manual. Something along the lines that “The game takes place far in the future, and with that the structure of language has changed somewhat.”