Just watched the movie of this game for the second time and I am still pretty darn excited by it. For those of you who have never heard of it.

for more info…

for those of you who have… what’s your opinion on it? (according to the mag I read some guy that works on it says it’s going to be like deus Ex and half life… )

to me… it looks like another one that shows that Carmacks not the only guy that can make pretty 3d engines anymore. And it looks like it may need a bigger rig than what I could afford even if I was a Millionare. (swoit!)

Opinions folks, you are after all mostly Journos!

Graphically it looks impressive. I had heard rumors of freeform gameplay and I tried to look for a comfirmation on this but their website is a mess. My stance will be wait for reviews or positive feedback here before buying.

– Xaroc

Edit: finally found the information I was looking for, sounds very interesting if they can actually make it work well.

The player travels over immense world of the Zone, its all locations joined into one global map. He can choose any route and will not be limited in his traversing the Zone. The player will be offered free exploration full of generated and scenario-imposed tasks, participation in the eerie events of a murky world.

The player will become a stalker, a guy who earns money from shoveling embers out of infernal oven of Chernobyl Zone. Returning from the radioactivity-blazing Zone, he will sell anomalous formations to underground dealers and scientists in research camps on the Zone border.

With the money procured, the player will purchase equipment, weapons and protective suits allowing him to reach previously inaccessible areas.

This is a role-playing game without growing experience of your character, without changing characteristics and levels. We want the player to develop his real mastery, moreover Stalker is an FPS/RPG game and much depends on his ability to fight. Changing characteristics, levels and player’s experience, to our mind, would destroy the realism we try to create. As far as the rest is concerned, this is almost a normal PRG game where players travel the Zone, collect artifacts, weapons, reveal anomalous zones, communicate and trade with NPCs etc.

The engine is extremely impressive, although I’d say it looks great more because of art direction and amazing texturing rather than sheer polygon pushing and lighting tech.

The gameplay is, well, not yet demonstrated :) Only recently have they started releasing gameplay footage with any enemies. For those who have been following the game for a year or more, that’s a bit troubling, considering it was originally supposed to be released about now and is now, mmm, Q1 2004 I think.

But it’s hard not to be amazed with the supposed features - a Strugatsky novel modified to fit the Chernobyl disaster concept; open areas without “levels”; RPG elements/quests but without overt stats; practice to improve skills ala Morrowind; the need for sleep and food; AI that will begin to solve the game without you and competition against other Stalkers. Of course, there have been weird bits announced, too, like drinking vodka to warn off radiation poisoning (?!)

Who knows whether they will be able to get half of that in, and whether it will result in a cohesive game if they do, but it’s easily the most ambitiously progressive idea for a single player FPS in a long time. Check some of the past threads which have some more information on it.